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Meet the Author's Author
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Monday, May 24, 2010

What an NCO SHOULDNT do.

Yeah, organising a Sqn attack on your commanding officer within 30 minutes, complete with party poppers, blowouts and throwing confetti in his face IS one of them. However, he enjoyed it, and we were happy. Sgt. R. and myself are at the front of the parade, and we're killing ourselves laughing. The CO is cowering back after my confetti attack as another party popper explodes over him.

All of us gathered for a photo with him afterwards...I don't look too happy because I didn't want to be in there for personal reasons. It took Luce and Shan to physically carry me across the room. (Could I do them for assault on an NCO?) ;D

So...yeah. Another thing I shouldn't be doing is having to apologise to him tomorrow night. I was out working with the Sqn on Saturday, and witnessed yet another attempt at backstabbing the previous CO. Needless to say, I was fuming with the CO (because he started it), and said to Sgt. R. (through sobs *grimace*) that sometimes I thought I hated the CO. Last night I apologised to the sgt., and he said you shouldn't be apologising to me, I'm not the one you said you hated. And I was like, Oh my life, he's agreeing with my I did what I DO NOT want to do, and text the CO last night asking for a chat on Tuesday. How he's going to respond, Heaven alone knows. I'm so ashamed of myself, because that's no kind of a witness. God forgive me.

I also have another apology to make to a CI I was deliberately avoiding, because I thought she was going to tell me off for ignoring the CO. *double grimace* Not looking forward to that, either.

Then to top it all off, neither of the sergeants are going to be at the biiiiig parade, or a parade night, next week, meaning I'm going to be senior NCO and in charge. AHHHHHHHHHHH. I think I could cope...if it didn't mean that I'm probably going to have to manage one or two awkward acting corporals too, because the CO is crazy about stabilising ranks.

I'm abominably worn out, inside. I hate myself for struggling so much with all this. Ah well, a fairly decent day ahead. :) Brilliant sunshine, boiling heat, studying for an exam Friday, (AS Level), and going off on a nice long cool trip for water ending in chicken and chips later. (While ducking an admirer, which ISNT going to be cool).

So...I don't like blogs. They're too much like diaries and not enough like them. :D