Meet the Author's Author

Meet the Author's Author
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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Simple Pleasures

Zooming along the road at the maximum speed limit, window wound down completely, she rested her crossed arms on the edge of the door to lean out as far as possible. Rock beating its vibrant pulse into her ears, she tilted her head back to let the exhilirating feel of the cold rushing wind push against her, flowing through her hair and fiercely beating against her face.

All too soon, the journey ended and they arrived home.

Stopping to peer at her disheveled appearance in the mirror, the girl hastily tried to pin wild, wayward, wispy curls into her severe bun, and regain the generally tidy arrangement of her hair and clothing before running to take the dog out for a walk. Her usually languid apathy had vanished into sparkling eyes, wind-flushed cheeks and a happy smile.

The actions of an eight year old girl, correct? I mean, a girl in her teens, even early teens, has to have her makeup perfect, every hair in place, the jewellery in place, the correct accessories with the matching clothes, with the most up-to-date technical items.

Well. I'm eighteen. And I'm most comfortable in my old blue cardy-jacket, a battered Walkman with one dodgy earpiece, leaning as far out as I dare without upsetting my Dad or the law, to feel the violent force of the wind pushing against me. I don't usually care about the chill factor either. In fact, if you want to see me at my most excited and happy, take me for a car ride and let me ride with the window down and my head out. I adore it.

Taking the dog for a walk. In the fresh coolness of the afternoon. The little green island in the centre of our cul-de-sac is where I walk our dog mostly. It has five large, leafy trees scattered over it.

The grass is a soft shade of green, spangled with raindrops. The earth has a fresh, soft, new smell to it that it always holds after rainfall. Autumn has announced her presence as she slowly begins to shake the leaves from their weakening hold on the branches with her soft breezes. She will keep the violent gusts for later.

Crimson and gold leaves, spangled with traces of their original vivid green, carpet the grassy floor with vibrant colour. The golden leaves, with tints of olive around their edges and faint tan in the middle, may be attractive to some, but the deep redness of the others bring out some echoing response in my soul. I love their flaming beauty.

Then raise my eyes to the sky. Creamy puffs of cloud roll playfully over each other in the soft misty blue of the sky. A cool wind blows, shedding more leaves from the trees. I look back down as a tan-and-grey blur zips past me. My excited little dog, Sparkie.

Scrabbling in the thick dark soil with his back paws, to cover a moss-rooted tree, he also aims to shower his walker - innocently, I'm sure. *rolls eyes* The fresh earthy smell only enhances the clean scent left by the rain.

Simple pleasures. Not an iPad. Not the latest invention in computer technology, an intriguing device, the latest rave in pop idols or the highest starred fashion item. Just simple. Restful. And beautiful.

I write this partly because I wanted to tell of my love for riding with my head out the window, and partly for my big sister C'rissie. Hope you like it, dear! :)