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Meet the Author's Author
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Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Bouquet of Flowers

I know this isn’t a usual way to regard sisters. :P The average are considered to be pains in the neck. But as usual for me, washing my hair this morning provoked an idea, inspired as it was by my story that I started once – ‘A Bouquet of Flowers’ – and my thoughts dwelling on my sweet sister Kiehl.

I have had many sisters over the years I’ve been on OYAN as well as one in real life. I haven’t compared them all to flowers, and my apologies to those I haven’t mentioned. Seriously, this is not detrimental to you in any fashion, and I love you dearly ~ Steph, Samii, Janae, Lindi and Lydsie. I need to learn my flowers a little more before I compare you. ;)

However, the ones who I have got to know very well recently – personalities and otherwise – this is my tribute to one of the sweetest gifts God has ever given me – my own bouquet of flowers.

Kiehl is a violet. Sweet, shy and retiring, giving admiration and tribute to others but not seeing her own beauty and worth in the eyes of God and others.

Carissa is a lily. Upholding purity strongly in a dark world, she points ever upwards to her Maker.

Alexis is a sensitive plant. A rough word or cold look on this delicate plant will cause it to wither away. This plant needs transplanting to a glorious Sonshine on a strong Rock. Still praying for you, sweetheart.

Aimee is a daisy. Sometimes trampled on, with not many people stopping to admire the transparent beauty, she tenaciously clings on, striving to reach upwards to glorify her Saviour.

Jess is a rose. Wild, strong and free, yet shedding sweetness, support and God’s love to those she comes in contact with.

Laurale is an apple blossom. Pink and delicate, she is firmly attached to the Tree of Life, giving glory to God and yielding perfume from Him to refresh the world around her.

Rachie G is my poppy. My writing sister, as I have so often called her. In her stories fixed to one purpose, she longs to glorify God through her pen. She brings back everything to reflect in the glory of God.

Shannon is my glowing rosebud. How I wish that I could transplant this flower from the refuse heap to the Rock before that sweetness of scent and freshness of innocence withers away under repeated batterings of this world!

With all my love to some of the dearest friends God has given me.