Meet the Author's Author

Meet the Author's Author
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Monday, October 18, 2010

A Response

I typed out so long a comment to my sister Samills's post, "My Kind of Modesty", that I decided to put it into a blog. :)

*faint smile*
1 - I understand this type of view too well.
2 - stereotypical of the modern Christian's viewpoint that old ways won't change the world.
3 - How in the world is the world supposed to tell that you're any different if you look, talk and act their fashion? Isn't that called...compromise? Or worse...being a chameleon Christian?

W: "So what's your name?"
MC: "Ellie."
W: "You're pretty cute. You free on Sunday?"
MC: "Na, actually I go to church. Free afterwards though."
W: "Oh right, you a Christian or something?"
MC: "Yeah."
*slight pause*
MC: "Say, you know the latest song out? I think it really hits the mark."

Umm. Okay. Before I'm judged (for being judgmental, pardon me). That might not be exactly the kind of conversation, but I'm willing to bet it's something like that.

A young Christian girl (using Carissa for a model :P) in a shop, with buttoned up loose blouse and long skirt.
Her unusual fashion causes many people look after her...guys with a vague sense of something clean having gone by, girls with an inner, unrecognised longing for the difference. A jealousy, almost.
A helping hand as she goes out of her way to pick up something a careless shopper knocked over. The friendly smile lifts the tired shop assistant's spirit.
As she goes out, a man gets up to hold the door for her.

Okay, I'm not saying that the modern Christian isn't friendly, sweet, polite and helpful. Just, as Samii pointed out so helpfully in her post, clothes do matter. And clothes do make a point about what you are. If you dress like a whore, expect to be treated like one by the wider public. If you dress like a lady (yes, I'm using the old-fashioned word), then expect to be ignored by the wider public obviously, and respected by them, albeit unwillingly, in private.

4 - never found me boring. >.<

Oh, and.
Lying to myself about why I wear something? No. I'm being perfectly honest, and it is NOT easy to choose to wear a high, loose blouse and a long loose skirt when I know I've got a nice figure and it would be flattering to my vanity to wear something that shows it in every extreme.
If you'll excuse me, it takes far more guts and courage to make the difficult stand than to hide in the crowd.
So what if there's a stereotype? Maybe we can be the ones to break it. Certainly we won't be breaking it by joining the crowd!
And maybe it's better to look like it - AND act it.

AND. It IS possible to dress modestly and with style. *points at Mom and self* (Although we aren't ALWAYS on the better end of the extreme scale. :P ) :)

And isn't it judgmental to judge old-fashioned Christianity with a stereotype of all of us being boring? :P

Anyways...I think that's all I can think of for now. And this will probably spark a fiery enough debate. I just hope debate is all.