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Meet the Author's Author
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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Text Slang

I have no objection to text slang in moderation. However. It gets pathetic when almost the whole part of a conversation is carried on in txt slg. Half of the time spent with that person is in trying to figure out what they have just said.

I don't know about you, but if I'm talking to a person who I wish to put off talking to me, or who I do not wish to talk to, then I will use text slang in the thickest abundance. What does that say about the use of text slang? Should I be taking the same understanding of the usage in relation to everyone else?

Per example:
M is Me. P is Person.

P: Hlo
M: Hiii
P: Wuu2?
M: Nm, wbu?
P: Same.
M: How ya doin?
P: Fine ta, u?
M: Ok ta.
M: Had a gd day?
P: yh u?
M: Yup ta.
P: lol

That is a typical example. I'm giving myself less credit than due, though; I rarely use that amount of text slang in one given conversation. I just wished to demonstrate the abominableness* of "txt slg".

It seems to be that any vowels in a word can be chopped to shorten it, to make it easier to type. Words, prefixes and suffixes, ie; to, two, too, for, four, fore, ight, ate; can be replaced with such meaningful shortcuts as 2, 4, yt, and 8. Though can be typed as tho. Thought as thort. Contractions without even the necessary apostrophes are being used consistently. Can not becomes can't, and can't, cant. Or even at an extreme, cnt.

I find that young people today have no idea where to put an apostrophe, if they even use them at all! One begins to see a slight comparision between today's textspeak and the Newspeak used in George Orwell's 1984.

One has to wonder what is going on with our beautiful and beloved English Language. Although I stoop to using some of the contractions and abbreviations where vital, ie, on Twitter, where there is a word limit, and also, as before mentioned, when I have trouble talking to/wish to put someone off talking to me, I consider myself as obliged to uphold the English language in its vitality and beauty where necessary and possible. You don't need an English O Level or A Level to do this. Just make an effort to stop using those horrible chop-up phrases which are destroying our language!

* I give myself the right to invent words, as opposed to cheapening and diminishing them.