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Meet the Author's Author
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Corporal Jones's Last Parade Night

So. The big day arrived...and the girl who swore she wouldn't cry, cried. Mom said I looked like Rudolf at the end.
I managed to get through final, and would've done it all. But my two dearest friends there, my adopted brother and sister, Cadets Mike H and Shannon Y, hugged and held me at the end, not letting me go. Mikey looked as troubled as a guy can look without bursting into tears. And as I held them both, my eyes trickled. :P :)

As I'm still attending occasional weekend events, I'm likely to see most of the others again - until the end of the year.
Mike rarely attends weekend events, and since my college days have swapped, we won't be meeting at college any more.

So my little brother and little sister walk out of my life...

And what is the most ironic thing is that this is precisely one year, minus two days, since ex Sgt Andy B walked out of the Squadron. I am leaving precisely one year after the last of the Bs...the old CO's son...the CO who I supported to the hilt...walks out the Squadron door.

I'm going to make this post of the photos that meant the most to me on my last parade night at 196. :)

My Closest Friends and I:

From right to left: new Cadet Jennie R., Cadet Shannon Y., Cadet Cpl. Sian Jones (ie, myself) and Cadet Mikey H.

To explain Jennie...she's been put under Shannon's care. As Shannon has been my personal cadet from day one, Jennie looks up to me because Shannon does.

During Break:

Not the best of photos, but it shows 196 at its heart. Of course, Dan J. doesn't USUALLY have a doorframe through his head! ;)

196 Is a Laugh:

Mikey and I pull faces at each other as Shans spikes Mikey's hair.

My Girls and I:

Cadets Shannon Y. and Jennie R. with their corporal.

The Knightly Custom:

Every night, Jack B. buys me a drink...I don't quite know how we started, but it's really good of him. :) We're great friends, for new cadet boy and corporal girl. This is the last night he will buy me a drink...and look, they'd ran out of Fanta. :o ;)

A Must-See:

I simply have to include this for Jack's appearance...when he realised he was in the photo!

The Four Wild Weirdos:

Shan snapped this of the new lads in a FLOWERED frame! From left to right: Cdt. Connor F. (hiding), Cdt. Jack B., in front - Cdt. Jamie Y., and to the right, Cdt. Kyle G.

My Two Closest Friends:

Mikey and Shans pose as Kyle walks behind them. Deliberately.

Little Brother and Big Sister:

This has to be one of my favourites. Mikey and I.

The Guys at 196:

From left to right: Dan J., Jack B., Jitesh P., and Luke R.


Luke R. was playing hide from the camera. I GOT HIM! :P

Happy Family:

Shannon Y., Jack B., and Jennie R. :)

Another Favourite:

I asked for this photo, and surprisingly for Dan and Lukey, who don't usually agree, both agreed (eventually) to be snapped with me. This photo is of my (personal) cadets and me, and Mikey and Jennie. My cadets: Dan J., Luke R., and Shannon Y.

My Cadets and I:

On our own; Cdt Dan J., Cdt. Luke R., Cpl. Sian Jones (me), Cdt. Shannon Y. :)

Jack and I:

This one's nice, too. :) Jack B and I.

Shannon and Jack:

Debrief in Room 3:

Last Sunday's flying group wait for their debrief...


...while Cpl. Taylor takes the cadets who didn't go through basic foot drill.


Cpl. Jones gets her favourite job and teaches a new cadet how to salute.

Starting Final:

I take over my flight in preparation for final parade.

Right Dress!

I dress off my flight...

Corporal Adjust:

Mr. Evans WOULD photo while I was adjusting my beret. Lukey, what in the world are you making Joe W. right dress for? :P

Corporal Jones by Corporal Taylor:

Lucy snapped this scary photo of me. ;)

My Cadets at Attention:

I think I was going to order them one pace right, close march.


I don't remember what we're waiting for...Jamie Y. and I are eye to eye.


One thing NCOs are told to do is to keep their faces expressionless in front of the cadets. I did a pretty good job here....


...and not so good a job here!

Who's Available?

Cadets putting up their hands for a list of their favourite canteen sweets...Parfitt HAS to do a thumbs up. :P

Squad, squad, shun!

I bring the flight to attention, preparing it for the take over.

Fall in!

I hand the flight over to Scott and fall in.

I wonder why everyone thinks I'll be coming back. There's nothing to bring me back now, apart from Mikey and Shans.
I must be the least mourned cadet that actually left on a parade night. *half smile* Even Andy Beckett had one broken heart when he walked out the door.

Locking Up Duties:

There are seven rooms/doors to check and perhaps lock. The following photo was taken after Mike, Shan and I had had our huge group hug....forgive the fact I look like Rudolf. ;) Room 2....

Room 3:

My Canteen:

First Andy Beckett's, then Scott R.'s, the canteen passed into my hands before being split between Lucy and I by the staff - Lucy didn't really want it. I still consider it as my canteen. Mine, Mike's and Shan's.

Checking the Ladies:

Well, checking the room was complete. :)

Signing off the Parade Hall:

Going for the Gents:

I send a male cadet in to check off the lads' room and then sign it off.

Corporal Jones and 196 Squadron:

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