Meet the Author's Author

Meet the Author's Author
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thursday's Visit

So! After that last blog, I really have to do the follow up photos before getting on with my multitudinous other blog posts.
I mean, this whole morning is devoted to blogging...and I need to look up exam papers and work on my CV too. Argh! :P

Well! Last Thursday or rather, two Thursdays ago - day after Miss Ayanna made her appearance into this chilly world of ours - Grandma, Grandpa Jeff and Auntie Sian made their way over to the Safari household, just as soon as they were back from hospital.

I'm glad Sam and Dennis have given Dad that title. To Jamie and George, Dad is known as "Uncle Boo" (from peek-a-boo ;) ), as he is only "stepdad" to Simon and Sam, and Si was 16 and Sam 10 when Dad married our Mom. So it really is nice that with both sets of Ayanna's real grandparents alive, that they chose to give Dad that name.

Rambling again, sorry! So here are the photos. Mommy got a little cross with Auntie cause Auntie kept flashing lights and Mommy thought Ayanna had had enough of that, but still. She IS a star. :P

Doesn't she look just darling in that huge furry suit?! :D She's like a needle in a haystack! :D

There y'are! Hope you enjoyed your peeks at the little lady! ;)