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Meet the Author's Author
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Monday, December 06, 2010

Guy-Girl Relationships

Skyping earlier with a girl friend of mine, who recently broke off a developing close friendship with a mutual guy friend, lead to some serious thinking.

She didn't break off with him because she was attracted to him or was in danger of losing her heart to him. She did it simply because he was a boy, and she was a girl, and she didn't think she should be that close to a guy.

And yes, this principle hurts. I know. I've been through it, and still am. No, I'm not condemning people's consciences. I'm simply expressing my own thoughts.

My ideal of a perfect world is where there aren't stupid blocks because of gender. The world starts off attempting to start children at age 3 with treating boys like potential boyfriends and partners in illicit behaviour. Christians tend to go to one of two extremes; throw up a barrier that blocks practically all but the barest minimum of communication between boys and girls, or else behave in a manner that's cheaper than the world - flirting shamelessly with Christian guys simply to get a husband.

As I said on my chat: I've always thought it a shame that everyone can't look past the barriers of gender and just be equally friends. That's always one thing that I've liked in the world's teens that I know of that I don't see in the church.
In the church, girls are too busy flirting with the guys cause they're "called to be married" and the guys there are their only chances. In short, they're desperate.
One thing I love about Mikey and Shan at cadets. I love both of them the same and can talk to both of them equally freely.

I love the illustration of my friendships with cadets Shannon Y and Mikey H. (Wow, I do this with non-Christians....!) Both are dear friends of mine, and I am big sister and confidante to both. Never in a million years would I be in danger of inappropriate behaviour from Mikey, yet we can speak freely to and help each other. I don't have to have a set of rules to manage him, because we have a good, solid brother-sister relationship.

So many ideas, so much confusion...why can't we make a little perfection in this sin-cursed, messed-up, completely confused world of ours?