Meet the Author's Author

Meet the Author's Author
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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Reason I Stay With 196

Considering I deal with blasphemy, cadets joking about sleeping with me, being laughed at for my faith, trying to control indecent talk...I often wonder even now, especially when people ask me, why I stay at 196. Until I get this.

(7:56:14 PM) Jenny: you only have to do the odd numbered questions

(7:56:47 PM) Holly Mae: ah thank God (Y)

(7:56:54 PM) Jamie : xD...

(7:57:05 PM) Jamie Y entered the room.

(7:57:12 PM) Holly Mae: brb

(7:57:37 PM) Sian Jones: Amen.

(7:57:51 PM) Jamie Y: heyy

(7:58:04 PM) Jamie : sian

(7:58:16 PM) Jamie : why's God always called 'he'?

(7:58:24 PM) Holly Mae:

(7:58:28 PM) Holly Mae: :|

(7:58:59 PM) Jamie : SIAN

(7:59:10 PM) Jamie Y: lol

(7:59:16 PM) Sian Jones: Sorry.

(7:59:35 PM) Jamie : why's God always called 'he'?

(8:00:09 PM) Sian Jones: Just getting the right answer. :P

(8:00:17 PM) Jamie : okie :P

(8:00:21 PM) Jenny: holly i have the answers

(8:00:27 PM) Holly Mae: :-O

(8:00:32 PM) Holly Mae: how?

(8:00:41 PM) Jamie : cackulator?

(8:00:43 PM) Jenny: try it yourself and i'll help you tomorrow if you need to

(8:00:47 PM) Holly Mae: lol

(8:00:48 PM) Jenny: i already did it

(8:00:51 PM) Jamie Y: calculater*

(8:01:05 PM) Jenny: calculator

(8:01:11 PM) Holly Mae: I FOUND THE ANSWER PAPER

(8:01:18 PM) Jamie Y: lol

(8:01:22 PM) Holly Mae: live = saved

(8:01:39 PM) Sian Jones: Because Scripture is God-breathed and God-inspired, and
it says that He is.

(8:01:46 PM) Sian Jones: Also, Jesus came as a Man.

(8:02:15 PM) Holly Mae: just because he had a beard everybody says hes a man :/

(8:02:16 PM) Jamie : sexist

(8:02:46 PM) Sian Jones: He was a Man because the Scripture says so.

(8:02:50 PM) Jamie Y: is god a scientist?

(8:02:53 PM) Jenny: but it doesn't give you the working and its confusing 'cause
its for all levels

(8:02:54 PM) Jamie : oh ok =)

(8:03:07 PM) Holly Mae: brb :)

(8:03:15 PM) Sian Jones: If God created the universe, do you not think He created
mathematics and science? ;)

(8:03:36 PM) Jamie : it all started with the big bang

(8:03:37 PM) Jamie : BANG

(8:03:45 PM) Sian Jones: Scientific proof?

(8:03:45 PM) Jamie Y: i bet God made the big bang

(8:03:54 PM) Jenny: big bang :)

(8:03:55 PM) Sian Jones: Even now, it's still called the THEORY of evolution.

(8:04:03 PM) Jamie : stephen hawking is a vegetable with a big brain

(8:04:07 PM) Jenny: lol

(8:04:12 PM) Sian Jones: Why would God lie about the way that He created the

(8:04:30 PM) Jenny: never take life seriously; nobody gets out alive anyway

(8:04:31 PM) Jamie : why does God say that gays should be stoned to death??

(8:04:46 PM) Jamie Y: maybe the guy who wrote the bible made a mistake ;)

(8:04:52 PM) Jamie : xD

(8:05:04 PM) Jamie Y: its possable

(8:05:06 PM) Jenny: lol

(8:05:09 PM) Jenny: possible

(8:05:13 PM) Sian Jones: No, it's not.

(8:05:14 PM) Jamie Y: w/e

(8:05:28 PM) Jamie : shush

(8:05:34 PM) Sian Jones: Because God inspired the people who wrote the Bible, and
He never makes mistakes.

(8:05:44 PM) Jamie : why did the old testiment say gays shouldbe stoned to death??

(8:05:56 PM) Sian Jones: In answer to Jay - because it is against the way He
created people to be, and therefore it's an abomination in His eyes.

(8:06:13 PM) Holly Mae: baccccckkk

(8:06:16 PM) Jamie : then why did he make me like this? o.O

(8:06:36 PM) Sian Jones: He didn't.

(8:06:40 PM) Sian Jones: You chose to be that way.

(8:06:46 PM) Jamie : but he made everything, right?

(8:06:48 PM) Jenny: no he didn't

(8:06:54 PM) Sian Jones: Correct.

(8:06:59 PM) Jamie : sexuality's not an option =S

(8:07:03 PM) Sian Jones: He created everything in the beginning.

(8:07:26 PM) Sian Jones: People have leanings that way BECAUSE of sin - the choice
is yours whether you fight it or not.

(8:07:30 PM) Jenny: exactly- you can't help if you're straight or not

(8:08:29 PM) Jamie Y: sian just killed you off (not literaly)

(8:08:40 PM) Holly Mae: lol

(8:08:43 PM) Sian Jones: But you can choose whether to live the way you're meant
to live by the law of God - or not.

(8:09:03 PM) Holly Mae: Y, hesom, luke wants you lol

(8:09:24 PM) Holly Mae: lmao

(8:09:33 PM) Jamie : straights have liked the opposite (gender) all their lives, i have liked boys all my life

(8:09:35 PM) Jenny: lukes talking to me -_-

(8:09:40 PM) Holly Mae: lol

(8:09:41 PM) Jamie Y: then why didnt he just start a convo

(8:09:45 PM) Holly Mae: ??

(8:09:53 PM) Holly Mae: he just did i think

(8:10:14 PM) Jamie Y: yeah he did now

(8:10:18 PM) Holly Mae: jenny my mom made cake :')

(8:10:18 PM) Jenny: why doesn't he just join this one

(8:10:22 PM) Jenny: yay

(8:10:29 PM) Jamie Y: but why did he ask you to ask us

(8:10:31 PM) Jenny: can you bring me some tomorrow??

(8:10:31 PM) Holly Mae: cause nobody wants to invite him lol

(8:10:37 PM) Holly Mae: yes :)

(8:10:40 PM) Jenny: yay :)

(8:10:47 PM) Jamie : he does my head in

(8:10:48 PM) Sian Jones: Jay - you've liked girls too. You chose to give in and go
to the other side.

(8:10:52 PM) Jenny: looking forward to it

(8:10:53 PM) Sian Jones: Who does??

(8:10:59 PM) Jenny: luke

(8:11:14 PM) Jamie : the dark side

(8:11:14 PM) Jenny: what did she say about friday hol?

(8:11:34 PM) Holly Mae: lmao idk i asked and she was like i made cake

(8:11:42 PM) Holly Mae: *party*

(8:11:46 PM) Sian Jones: Lol, why?

(8:12:11 PM) Holly Mae: *-)

(8:12:29 PM) Jenny: lol

(8:12:34 PM) Jenny: what cake?

(8:12:46 PM) Sian Jones: @Jay - Btw, nothing I said was intended to hurt or annoy
you. The Word of God IS an offence, and you know that as a Christian, that's where
I must take my stand. You're still my friend, a great person and my grandson. :P Okay? :)

(8:13:05 PM) Sian Jones: *hug*

(8:13:09 PM) Holly Mae: chocolate cake (Y)

(8:13:17 PM) Jenny: yay

(8:13:23 PM) Jamie : xD

(8:13:28 PM) Jenny: hou better bring me some or i'll kill you!!

(8:13:29 PM) Sian Jones: Jay?

(8:13:31 PM) Jamie Y:!!!:D

(8:13:31 PM) Jamie : *huggies*