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Meet the Author's Author
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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Relationships Chat

Some of you might find this is a chat on relationships I had with one of my close friends.

What really amazed me is that there's no way that I could've phrased all that myself. I think God was showing me a few things as He spoke through me.

Hope this blesses someone in some way.

(11:24:15 PM) Rich: I learned that her mom things a break would be a good thing for the both of us
(11:24:33 PM) Rich: That she thinks Danielle is distracting me from my life at college
(11:24:46 PM) Sian Jones: ...
(11:25:48 PM) Rich: I...
(11:25:56 PM) Rich: I can't handle that...
(11:26:12 PM) Rich: I'm depressed already because Danielle's gone for a weekend
(11:26:22 PM) Rich: If she was gone longer...
(11:26:26 PM) Sian Jones: *softly*
(11:26:37 PM) Sian Jones: You learn that there are times that you need to be apart.
(11:26:45 PM) Rich: But a break?
(11:26:49 PM) Rich: *voice cracks*
(11:26:50 PM) Sian Jones: Especially if you're going to spend the rest of your lives together.
(11:27:04 PM) Sian Jones: A break isn't a BREAK, but just time off.
(11:27:05 PM) Rich: Her mom means more than a weekend
(11:27:14 PM) Sian Jones: About a week or so.
(11:27:20 PM) Rich: Or longer
(11:27:28 PM) Rich: Maybe she never really approved of me
(11:27:28 PM) Sian Jones: Can I...suggest something?
(11:27:30 PM) Rich: What?
(11:27:33 PM) Sian Jones: Yes, she did.
(11:27:41 PM) Sian Jones: You have the rest of your lives.
(11:28:02 PM) Sian Jones: Try figuring out a break time between the two of you.
(11:28:11 PM) Sian Jones: Like, two days off every three weeks.
(11:28:35 PM) Sian Jones: Or something like that that Danielle can take to her Mom to show her that the two of you are dealing with it responsibly and maturely.
(11:29:13 PM) Rich: ...She might get mad at me, Danielle
(11:29:18 PM) Rich: Danielle might
(11:29:23 PM) Rich: *cant type*
(11:29:33 PM) Rich: Too tired...
(11:29:35 PM) Rich: Anyways
(11:29:42 PM) Rich: Danielle might get mad
(11:29:47 PM) Rich: Or hurt
(11:29:52 PM) Rich: If I suggest that
(11:30:11 PM) Rich: Why would a break show we're handling it maturely and responsibly?
(11:30:42 PM) Sian Jones: No, not if you take the man's stand. You've got to lead this relationship, not give in to her all the time. I know you adore the ground she walks on.
(11:30:44 PM) Sian Jones: So does she.
(11:30:49 PM) Sian Jones: And she'll play off that.
(11:31:26 PM) Sian Jones: I'm not saying don't.
(11:31:32 PM) Sian Jones: I'm saying make it less obvious.
(11:31:41 PM) Sian Jones: And a break would show that because...
(11:31:42 PM) Sian Jones: *sighs*
(11:31:45 PM) Sian Jones: I'll be blunt.
(11:32:09 PM) Sian Jones: What you're doing is hitting into the romance side too soon. Wanting to spend time together with no one else around interrupting.
(11:32:24 PM) Sian Jones: Talking about everything, kissing, holding.
(11:32:31 PM) Sian Jones: You don't want to be apart.
(11:33:33 PM) Sian Jones: Thing is...
(11:33:44 PM) Sian Jones: While you're in your single years....
(11:33:56 PM) Sian Jones: You've recognised that you have affection for each other.
(11:34:36 PM) Sian Jones: Organising a break not only shows to the adults that you aren't children playing at love, but you both love each other deeply and constantly enough to wait until you're back together.
(11:34:53 PM) Sian Jones: There's time enough in the future for the closeness you want.
(11:35:45 PM) Sian Jones: don't realise it or want to...or feel it...right now, but your love and happiness at being together in the end is going to be so much the greater for having waited and kept checks on yourselves.
(11:35:50 PM) Sian Jones: And there's something else...
(11:36:22 PM) Sian Jones: With your closeness now, you're blocking off other friendships. You don't think you are, you think you're still talking to people. But...both appearing offline to talk to each other, maybe?
(11:36:52 PM) Sian Jones: You need to develop your other friendships, because you will regret it for the rest of your life if in your difficult times you have no one to turn to.
(11:36:59 PM) Sian Jones: And I'm not talking about me or Natalie.
(11:37:06 PM) Sian Jones: Rephrase.
(11:37:10 PM) Sian Jones: I'm not talking about me.
(11:37:26 PM) Sian Jones: And that's all the advice I can give.
(11:37:31 PM) Sian Jones: Wow, I filled the screen. O.o
(11:37:49 PM) Rich: its okay :)
(11:38:23 PM) Rich: You've given me a lot to think about
(11:38:39 PM) Rich: I can see what you mean
(11:39:17 PM) Rich: I'll...I'll talk to her
(11:39:31 PM) Sian Jones: Good.
(11:39:35 PM) Sian Jones: *holds close*
(11:39:44 PM) Rich: is scared to do it though*
(11:39:50 PM) Sian Jones: I'm here for you if you need me.

*Used by permission