Meet the Author's Author

Meet the Author's Author
Live for Jesus! That's what matters! That you see the light in me and come along! :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Revamp 2

I blogged a while back on the idea of making over this blog, due to some changes in my lifestyle and myself.

Due to comments from Zac Cannottell and Kiehl, and with great help from Jay, my blog is now done over. Thank you all so, so much, for your helpful suggestions and your aid!

I've changed the fonts on my blog title and my tabs to more reflect my personality.

My profile has been changed from being "wrapped up in military life" as I am not that way any more.

On Jay's suggestion, I changed the title to Cadet for Christ ~ Running the Course, as my background and future is not and will not be completely cadet/Forces based again; however, I am still a cadet.

My blog description has gone from being "A Christian Air Cadet's history" to "Products of my active and thoughtless brain scattered here for your entertainment and encouragement. I pray you find both laughter and blessings within!"

As I rarely, if ever, use this blog to tell of my cadet encounters, which are becoming fewer and farther between, it's been changed to reflect somewhat more of myself.

And of course - the most noticeable change. My background. No longer plain blue, displaying birds, indicative of my love for (which remains) and intention of joining the RAF, I picked another blue background, but this one with a mountain - a large and steep one.

There are two ways I have of looking at mountains in a Christian life.

One way of considering it is that the mountains are the peaks of spiritual closeness to God, peace in His will and joy in His mercy. The valleys are the spiritual lows - the times of depression, of doubt, when the forces of darkness gather around you.

The second way is when you're standing in a valley taking a good hard look at that climb ahead of you. It's one of the hardest things you've ever done, but you know that the bliss of God's favour and blessing is at the top, and that that is where He wants you. You start the climb, you slip off millions of rocks, you cut and break yourself and cry out, "Where is His hand in all of this? If He wanted me here, why doesn't He stop me hurting myself?"
You can't see that His hand prevents you from falling all the way to the bottom, nor that the reason you're hurting is because (mostly) you take your eyes off Him at the top and look at the rock you're climbing.

I love adventure, internally. When I overcome my fear, I love adventure. And even though I kick and complain, I love the excitement of living day by day with God. Yes, even those steps in the dark!!

From now on, by His grace alone, I live to serve the King of Adventure.