Meet the Author's Author

Meet the Author's Author
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Wednesday, February 09, 2011


As God has been working on me and things are changing in my life, as I start my last two years of being an Air Cadet and intend on missing a good section of that for the States, and as I do not blog that much about cadets, I have been considering whether to revamp my blog.

I admit, I am proud of my identity as a cadet corporal. I still support our Armed Forces and will do so in any way I can.

However, since the Boss left, I have grown away from 196, and I think I only still go for the sake of the past. I have no future with either the cadets or the Armed Forces - a fact which, once admitted, will probably shake loose a lot of my followers from Twitter who put up with my Christianity and follow me as a sub-member of the Forces.

I am still a cadet for Christ, but the atmosphere is no longer untarnished - God knows whether it can ever become clean again, thanks to my stupidity with Cadet Rivers. I know God has forgiven me, but the fingers pointed and the sudden drop in language watch (minus blasphemy - they are still careful on that, thank God) are not pleasant, although a just reward.

I am still the Boss's cadet - a fact which also does not make me very welcome at 196. At 18.7 years, I'm too attached to the ways I learned when I was 15, 16, 17 to make the adjustments that keep changing. I'm also in constant contact with the Boss - which does not endear me to the CO or any of his loyal cadets.

The witness at the Squadron is faint, if at all. Yes, there are still good times on occasion, when the cadets or a cadet will start asking questions, but these are so rare I wonder if it is worth it.

As it is, I wonder if calling my blog "Cadet for Christ", while attracting multiple followers to my blog, is being honest.

And the description as "A Christian Air Cadet's history" that also honest?

No, I won't take the photo of the Boss and me down. No, I probably won't change my blue background.
But I would seriously, seriously, please, I'm begging, should I make over my blog or not?