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Meet the Author's Author
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Monday, February 07, 2011

Song of Gomer

New favourite, by Michael Card.

Unfortunately, I can't find a video anywhere of him singing this, so I'll just post the lyrics. :)

Hope it blesses you too!

Song of Gomer

Don’t know what He sees in me, he is spirit, he is free
And I, the wife of adultery, Gomer is my name
Simply more than I can see how he keeps on forgiving me
How he keeps his sanity; Hosea, you’re a fool


A fool to love someone like me, a fool to suffer silently
But sometimes through your eyes I see, I’d rather be a fool.

The fondness of a father, the passion of a child
The tenderness of a loving friend, an understanding smile
All of this and so much more you’ve lavished on a faithless whore
I’ve never known love like this before; Hosea, you’re a fool


This God of yours would not have told
To lift a love that you couldn’t hold
And though time and time again I flee
I’m always glad to see you coming after me

Simply more than I can see, how he keeps on forgiving me
The wife of adultery, and Gomer is my name.