Meet the Author's Author

Meet the Author's Author
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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Submitting Your Waiting

Have you ever felt like the world may be about to turn upside down? That even though you'd prayed and submitted to God that you'd wait and seek His will, that even though you claimed to have no idea of your future, that you'd formed a vague, distinct shadow of it and when the world threatens to cave in on it, you STILL want to freak out?

Meh. One of the hardest times of trusting God is then. And if you don't see that you've created that shadow, well, that makes the resubmitting of it to His guiding Hand so much the harder.

We humans have the most awful tendency to like constancy, even when we profess that we love adventure with our hand in God's. (Five fingers pointing back.) Living with God IS an adventure. A complete adventure, when you're living submitted to His will and in the light of His presence. I knew that long ago - I know it again. But every time, God still has to break down that wall of fear as I stand back shrieking, "NO I CAN'T DO THIS TAKE IT AWAY I WANT WHAT I KNOW!" And yet, despite the difficulties and pain, how boring life would be if we just sat at home and lived our normal lives and were not ALIVE in God. Even when it seems like life is still around us, Spiritual life never is.

It is not in the quiet lake or the still pond that the rough stones are polished. No, that's where the scum gathers on the surface or the water becomes stagnant.

It's in the waterfall, where the waters are the purest and sweetest. It's in the waterfall that the stones are roughed, tumbled, smashed against each other, worn away by the power of the force of liquid.

It's not in the quiet little country village, with the small cottage, the pleasant fields, the once or twice a week journey to the steadfast little chapel on the corner.

It's in the rough and tumble of life, never knowing where His next step will lead you. It's when in the middle of the severest pain and the uncertainty of knowing, that you cry out and He takes you that next step in the dark.

My friends, why don't we see that life is ours for the taking? Trust God. Lean on God. He will give you a life in Himself far beyond your wildest dreams.

I laugh now at people who say Christianity is a crutch. It's not a crutch. It's a life support. When you're on the floor in your lowest heap, when you finally admit there's nowhere you can go, when you are completely nothing and worth nothing, it's then that He stoops besides you and raises you to fly again.

It's then that He whispers in your ear, "Trust Me, and I will bring it to pass."