Meet the Author's Author

Meet the Author's Author
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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Powers of Darkness Encompass

I nearly crashed last night, and it was only by the grace of God that I didn't go fully down. This morning leads to repentance with tears, as I realise that like Peter, who is coming to be one of my favourite Biblical characters in that I can identify with him in several ways, I took my eyes off Christ, Whose power gives me the strength to stand, and looked at the roaring waves around me.

Indeed, they are steep. As I type this, I am uncertain whether and cannot find out if my father is dead or living. My brother attacked my mother again yesterday, bruising her already bruised leg again, and leaving me with much fear for my trip to the USA. On top of that, I spent nearly two hours in a minibus with cadets yesterday, where nearly every song had horrible swear words that even I would never use or else had hidden to blatant sexual connotations. (I was the only girl in a group of four boys.) The whole trip there and back was spent in tears. And we wonder why our kids end up the way they are, with underage sex and pregnancies, when those words are drilled into their heads! The music was balanced just right with words repeated over and over, or else the music powered over the voice, but the voice was clear enough to understand, or the voice overpowered the music.

It used to be easy not to pick up on lyrics before I got involved with CCM, but now I'm used to listening to words through drums and overpowering beats, it wasn't hard to hear. I thought of going to sleep, but I'd rather fight the devil on my feet, and as I sleep, the words and the darkness behind them would be going into my brain unfought. The whole mass of the powers of darkness rose up, and I saw the way Satan manages to pervert the tiniest tendril of the power of God, creating his own massive distortion. I could see the way so many Christians were lost and tangled up, with only the few gleams of Light they could see, struggling to follow. I saw the world and its snares crawling across the path, and I saw the Valley of the Shadow for this world. I prayed. My God, how could this be? Without You, there is no way we could win. The power of darkness is like...being trapped in a cave with massive, towering walls. The fight seemed so hopeless that the pain was almost physical. The war is fought on every front of everyday life.

We can't win. Never can. But there's one thing. We're on the winning side. We can't win for God. We work for God. And not by ourselves, but simply by our willingness to let Him use us, every day surrendering our lives back to His will. And God will win, in the end. We may lose individual battles. We may lose big battles. But God will win the war. Trust Him. Keep your eyes on Him. Be willing and open to give your life back to Him daily. He will save us. Because He is God. And nothing - no power of darkness - can ever overpower that single touch of Light. Lord, we wait on You.

Christians, your hope and trust is in God. "Evil. NEVER. wins."

In Christ,