Meet the Author's Author

Meet the Author's Author
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What You Miss When You Sleep!

Tonight, as you all know, OYANers convene in Olathe, Kansas. I'VE MET SOME!!!!!! *screech*
We have, staying at the Garners, Wayfarer - Lindsey, Hakuna Matata - Erynn, Narniahannah - Hannah.

Downstairs in the basement, silence and peace surrounds the sleeping forms of Rachel (Nairam), Grace (Grace), Carolyn, Erynn and Hannah.

Um. Not in the corner of the next room on Jane's bed where Lindsey and I are curled up with my computer exploring Google Earth. At nearly 2 am. Lindsey moves over because of cramp in her foot and nearly sits on my eyelash curler.

Me: Watch it!
Lindsey: Oh, it's an eyelash curler.
Me: Yes! It goes squeeze, umph and the eyelashes curl up.
Lindsey: I know, I have one! Mine's Mary Kay. It's less sophisticated.
Me: What's Mary Kay?
Lindsey: You don't know who Mary Kay is...?
Lindsey: She's like this big make-up and skin care entrepreneur and she's really famous. Did you know Mary Kay even has her own copyrighted colour of pink? They even have pink Mary Kay Cadillacs.
Me:....what's that?
Lindsey: You don't know what a cadillac is?
Me: No...
Lindsey: *googles*
Me: *looks at photos* OH! I thought you said CATTLE AXE!
Me: *types in Cattle Axe*
Google: Searching for "battle axe". Click here for results for "cattle axe".
Lindsey and me: ROFL.

We googled Americans because we were trying to think of other things to Google. For fun, y'know? We're writers. It's 2. We do crazy stuff like that. Even like writing it out to blog on here. :P

Me: SCROLL UP! SCROLL UP! Is that Tenth Avenue North??
Lindsey: Where?? *scrolls up*
Me: There! *points* Or is it Relient K?
Lindsey: *waves pointer over* Er - that's all American Rejects...
Consequently - choking.

Lindsey: I'm going to Google cadillac again because I don't trust America...I DIDN'T MEAN THAT!
Me and Lindsey: XD

And now we're sitting here typing this out and discussing it like writers...and snatching the computer off each other...

This is at 1:42 am. What we'd be missing if we were sleeping... :P