Meet the Author's Author

Meet the Author's Author
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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Love's Pain

A conversation with a friend earlier revealed some rather home-hitting truths about the perspective of love's place in life.

You know, it's can be respected and admired by many different people but without a word from the person who means the most to you, it still doesn't take the ache away.
And writing that, I realise where the problem lies....
God has to mean the most to me. He has called me His beloved. His wife. His daughter. Treasured. Precious. And so, starving, hurting, I HAVE to go to the only One who can fulfill that need.
God also gave us the desire to be wanted by that one special person, yes, and I know He did. But until it's His timing to be fulfilled, He wants us to turn that desire towards Him. He will fill it if we trust Him. Wrap us in His love and ease the pain. And...and He wants us to make Him the centre of our lives. Especially our love lives.
Is the desire for a partner wrong, if you're not letting it consume you? I think that when the desire for a partner is before God's time for it, then it HAS to be turned towards Him.

Isn't it funny? One of the main parts of our lives is pretty much always the one section of our life when we compartmentalise God.
Somehow, when it comes to loving someone, we seem to think we can handle it on our own - one of the most tricky and murky waters of this life.
LOVE, not the saccharine emotional feeling, but true love - the choice - the love that chooses to love - is Divine. It gets its continuing source from the One Who created and is the essence of love.

I wrote once, a long time ago, in my diary, "How can God fulfill the desire to be held close in someone's arms, to feel a real embrace, a real kiss?"
In a way, He can't. But He can diminish that longing with the overwhelming magnificence of His presence. He created us with feelings and longing and desires. They aren't wrong. But what you can do with them can be wrong. When you choose to turn with them to God, seek His comfort and bare your heart and longings to Him, He surrounds you with His presence and diminishes the helpless wishes - not obviously, but simply as you become lost in His presence. He is the ultimate fulfiller.
He is the One Who needs to mean the most to you. When the desire for human love is no longer first in your's surprising how free you become. (I'm not there yet, but I've sensed it. It's not far away.)

I think that's all I've thought for now. I keep thinking about stuff like this, and it's like unresolved shadows for ages. :P Sometimes I share the shadows, but not often. I feel I need to share this one, I pray it blesses you. :)

In Christ,