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Meet the Author's Author
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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Rebelution Conference (1)

Well, I was going to do one blog post. :P Then I decided to do the excited squeaky one first and the more serious thoughtful one (as such as my flimsy butterfly brain does in thoughtful areas) in a second post. :D

Here are some of my tweets from Twitter.

Strange how I can't spend a week outside the ER. >.> Gashed my foot open on a metal door and fainted today. #coolstuff

Yep, I appear to LOVE the Emergency Room! I was in there last Sunday in Texas, and back there today! During the lunch break, I went to go back inside the building, opened the door - onto my toe. I was instantly aware of the pain, but toughed it out as usual. I thought it was a graze as I walked across the lobby, then the blood started to well, and it was dark red - and kept coming. I stopped and called for Carolyn and Grace. Another woman, Jennifer, stepped forward and asked if I needed help. I said, yes please, and they looked at my foot and sent to fetch the nurse who was there - Becky.

Next thing I remember is they wheeled over a wheelie chair and I sank down onto it, and then things started to get tingly/fuzzy in my head. I tried to convince myself I was making it up, and I remember waving at the Rebelution teen staff sitting behind a table as I was wheeled into the back room. Grace stayed with me, holding my hand. I asked for water, as everything was blurrish, and I thought if I drank, I wouldn't pass out. I had three sips, and then the stars and stripes really began. I went, "Whoa!" and threw my head back and closed my eyes. There was a strange time lapse, almost like a dream that I vaguely grasp the shadow of, and then the next thing I remember is the sensation of rough carpet against my face, a blue wall and some fish, my head humming.

I woke up on the floor muttering "Where am I? Don't leave me!" Grace was leaning over me, whispering over and over, "It's ok, I won't leave you. I won't leave you." I just kept repeating, "Don't leave me!"

Everyone else was kind of a blur, although I was aware of motion around me and then a sharp stabbing pain in my foot.

Next thing I remember is them talking about calling 911 because I blacked out. The only things in my head were Mom's freaking out when she heard about THIS escapade, the insurance having to pay for the second time in a week and that we were already in debt and if the insurance paid, I'd have more debt to free us from when we got home. Grace kept telling me not to worry about it, but I think I was nearly crying.

(Tweet): Someone also said later that when I fainted, I called out for my grandma. O.O I...don't have one any more? And I wasn't close to the one I knew!

I rolled over and two firemen and an ambulance woman came into the room with a stretcher. I laughed, saying, "Oh dear! It's not THAT bad!" Which kinda broke the tension. Again, I don't remember much, although I did get Carolyn to take a few photos of me surrounded by the dear church staff and the ambulance and firemen. They stuck plastic pads on me to check my heart, pricked my thumb TWICE (the nurse did it the first time) and checked my blood pressure. They thought my foot would need stitches, but I refused to go to the hospital as I didn't have my travel insurance. I had to sign a document assuring them that my heirs, successors, dependents and so on would not prosecute them for my refusal to go to the hospital. ^_^

Apparently my flipflop had a pool of blood on it, & it is stained red.

Mother Garner arrived and took me to the hospital, where they cleaned off my toe (yes, I cried :P) and then the doctor sent it for an X-ray - of which I have two disks! :D The lady was very friendly and kind to me. They wheeled me back into a room on my own, while the doctor and the nurses tended to a guy who'd been rushed in with heart pains and wasn't very happy about it, so I prayed for him and them while waiting. They came in with paperwork for me to sign, the doctor told me to keep my foot up (uh, yeah...right) and then more paperwork. Then they let us go at 3:20, I was back at the Rebelution Conference. :D

Now, the thing I forgot to mention that was really cool, was that Alex and Brett said that the person who came the furthest distance would get a t-shirt, free. I was going to sit down, but Holly H. told me to stand up...and the Garner girls wouldn't let me sit down. So I stood.

"Where do you come from?"
"...Great Britain..."

Finally Brett got back up on the platform (after checking the overflow room) and said, "My geography's not that good, but I think Great Britain is the longest distance!"

Isaiah Garner very kindly (TWO ADVERBS!) stood in line and took my t-shirt to be signed. So I have Brett Harris's signature on the back. :D

The church staff were so wonderfully (TWO ADVERBS!) kind about my foot...I was hoping to get the Do Hard Things book with a donation of some change, but sitting in the back room eating lunch/dinner as we were waiting for Mother Garner, I was bewailing the fact I probably (adverb) wouldn't be able to pick one of the church staff overheard me.
He not only went and got me a copy of the Rebelution Conference Tour DVD because I was going to (at least) miss Session Three, but also got me a copy of Do Hard Things and took it to get it signed for me. When it came back, I was so thrilled and touched to read what it said inside!

The inside signature reads:
"To Sian
The Lord bless you!
Together in the fight!
Alex Harris 2 Tim 2:22
Brett Harris 1 Tim 4:12"

Following, excited tweets after we got back home after Session 4:

The Rebelution was...totally awesome. Honestly wish I had my own computer so that I could tweet some of the pics over.

As it is, I'm going to attempt to create my own video of it and upload it. The worship was totally amazing.

I got a t-shirt free because I came the furthest distance. ^_^ #greattobeBritish

I also managed to apply it as I sat there listening (and I listened without thinking! It was more blessing than most sermons have been!)

So anyways, expect an applicatory blog post to be upcoming. :P Cause I cut my foot open, they gave me a book and DVD free too. :D Thank You!

Wanted the "Do Hard Things" book for a while. Thank You, Jesus, for my foot!

AND Brett Harris signed my t-shirt! And I recorded three of the four sessions. YAY for MP3s! So there's all the non-important stuff.

It was freakingly AWESOME how many OYANers were there today. Rachel/Nairam, Grace, me, Timothy/Shadow, Aubrey K., Josh/Wooton & Ambirdie/Quoth the Raven!

So! There at long last is blog post 1! Hopefully I can sort out blog post 2 and 3 for you tomorrow before landing in the UK!

Unfortunately, when I get back to the UK, blog posts will probably be diminished even more. Just as a warning.

Thank you for reading my blog! Writers, enjoy the insight. ;)

In Christ,