Meet the Author's Author

Meet the Author's Author
Live for Jesus! That's what matters! That you see the light in me and come along! :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Today's Adventure!

Today was a sad day and a happy day.

Several goals were missed, and others were accomplished. Although very tempted to be down by the ones I missed, it's better to choose to be glad over the ones finished and not to be so blinded by the present I miss the repairable future.

So! To share the happy part. :D

Mom and I went to town this morning, Mom to the doctors and me to the meet up with her in an hour. However, I had a few other ideas of what I wanted to accomplish in an hour - AND I DID THEM ALL! :D :D :D

Heading down Lichfield Street and across the Arboretum Island, I went to the Walsall Centre for the Deaf. When we drove past it yesterday, I noticed a sign up - BRITISH SIGN LANGUAGE COURSE, for beginners. YAY! This was one of my goals when I got back to the UK, to learn sign language!
Met at the door and guided upstairs by a deaf man, he took me into a room where a rather harassed looking lady was on the telephone. Turned out she was the only one in that day, but she told me to leave my name, address, phone number and email and a lady called Tracy (who is deaf) will be in touch to let me know when the course starts in September. :D HOPEFULLY it will be compatible with a job...

Heading back into town, I went up to Wilko's and bought an alarm clock. I wanted to buy one as soon as I got back, to get me into my routine of getting up at quarter to six - which is something I'll need to be doing with a job, anyway! The idea of this section of the routine, for now, is up at quarter to six, shower and dress in fifteen minutes, Bible read for an hour, then walk the dog and pray for half an hour or so. :D It's ticking down at the foot of my ladder right now, and has a lovely, annoying ring. :D

Moving from Wilko's, I went into the market to get something for a special lady in my life. You know, sometimes they really need reminding that they ARE precious, and beautiful, and loveable, and admirable, and respected, and treasured. Especially in really dark times in their lives And words don't always do the trick. :)

After that, I went into the bank and changed my bank account so that I could start to pay a minor thing for myself instead of Mom doing it.

Then I headed to Tesco's where I met Mom in the carpark. :D (Yes, not parking lot!) We headed for home, where Joseph's friend Derek had arrived, then later, my old next door neighbour Auntie Dot visited and watched a load of my photos and videos... :P Poor Auntie Dot!

Also! My sister gave me the email address of someone to send in my CV, and next week they go through the applications. If you pass that, they call you in for an assessment. If you pass THAT, then work starts on September 5th. O.o Please pray for that!

My bad things were that I got nothing done in my room today, nor did I get any Bible time in or any real prayer time. Which is...very saddening. Tomorrow, that will change, God willing.

I was so excited about what I've managed to accomplish, though! #dohardthings in the small things! Be faithful in the little things, and you'll be building the foundation for big things! Even if you never accomplish them, someone will! Nothing is ever lost with God!!

In Christ,