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Meet the Author's Author
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Friday, September 16, 2011

Love Endures Everything

You know the ink tattoos. Some people like them, some people regard it as too near the real thing to not be almost a sin.

I'm not debating, but I do partial compromise. :P On days when I need to remember stuff, I'll use my arm as a piece of paper. It's far less likely (hopefully!) to get lost than paper is!

Some things one needs to remember are dates, times, places, to-do items. Other times - it's a simple Biblical truth.
If you remember, one of my favourite recent ones has been "Love Endures Everything".

For the purposes of this blog, we'll narrow it down and say that there are two kinds of love.
Sentimental romantic love, based off feelings and emotional spurts, and true love, based off something much deeper.

The first type is what most of today's early marriages are made off, and that is why there are so many divorces. People promise for better or for worse, and when the tough times come and attempt to tear them apart, it's easily done because they don't know anything more than romantic fluff, and their lives have been too easily shaped into having it easy and what they want all the time.

The second type is a love that God gives. It's strong, it stays true, it's a daily choice throughout every hurt and storm and trial. It doesn't crumble at the touch of mockery or the breath of scorn, because it's made of something much stronger - the love of God. This is the kind I'm talking about here.

Love endures everything. "Endure" has two meanings.

1. To continue in existence; last:
2. To carry on through, despite hardships; undergo.

Love is of God. Love is God. God is forever. As long as God is, love that is founded in and of Him, and gifted by Him, will last.
God's love for us is forever, and though marriage is but mortal, that love is meant to last the rest of our natural lives.
To continue in existence. To last.
Love is a choice. And a fight.

Love endures. It not only takes the hardships and the trials and the bitter storms that comes its way in an effort to shake it and tear it apart, but doesn't become bitter or overwhelmed by them. It makes a choice, and carries on.

Here I'm reminded of two images. Christ tempted by Satan both in the desert and Gethsemane, and Christ on the cross, dying for our sin.
The ultimate devotion. The ultimate sacrifice. The ultimate love by the ultimate Lover and Creator and Love Himself.

How lightly we hold love. No wonder one of Satan's greatest battlefronts is to inculcate our minds, our attitudes, and constantly bombard our brains with a romantic representation of it, to slowly and almost unknowingly slide away our foundations of Godly love with the relationships and affairs and sex. All physical and emotional. Anything and everything that will detract from the Spiritual.

After all, who sees anything lovely in a plain, rough man, beaten and bloodied beyond recognition, stark naked and hung tortured on a piece of rough wood?
Who sees anything lovely in the bowed man covered with dirt and sweat, working hard under a hot sun?
Who sees anything lovely in the tired woman with the soiled clothes and straggling hair, exhausted after a day of managing children and housework?
There's nothing physically or emotionally attractive there. But that's the working out of love.

It's when it's bonded out of the deep love, unbounded and overflowing, that Christ is and gives, that the sin-stained whore can look at the ripped open man on the cross and cry out at the sight of His love for her. It's when it's founded upon and gifted from God, Who is love, that the sunburned, filthy man and the tired, crumpled woman can look into each other's eyes and find a tender burning light there, for each other, that God has lit.

Love endures. It lasts forever. It takes everything thrown at it and it carries on. Love endures EVERYTHING.
And that love IS worth fighting for.