Meet the Author's Author

Meet the Author's Author
Live for Jesus! That's what matters! That you see the light in me and come along! :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Singleness Is Willingness (2)

Okay, I'm going crazy here. :D

From my impulsive decision to launch S4C tonight, this afternoon, and sending a scrambled email around to the other team members, to throwing together hastily the advertising suggested by my website creator and manager Kyle Johnston, I've been really nervous all day.

For advertising, I've blogged, tweeted, FBed, Buzzed, chat statused and posted on the Rebelution Attic thread and on OYAN's RD thread.

Four registrants have joined the forum - a warm welcome to Stephy, Lady_Adrienne, Haitch and Butterfly!

God moves in mysterious ways - Attic Moderator (also S4C editor and my big sister) Carissa Mann visited the Attic Greenhouse Thread and she hadn't in ages...found my topic, told me where to edit it and then posted it live.

It's starting a startlingly lively discussion on OYAN, too! It's also being reshared out across Buzz, Facebook and Twitter. I'm so thrilled! God is moving and blessing it! Praise the Lord!

I'd like to ask for wisdom and guidance as it launches for the S4C team and myself on how to guide it during the first rocky weeks, particularly so that people recognise it as not for promoting singleness as promoting the usage of singleness - for God. Not for pining after a husband, but not to stop people praying for any future spouse they may have.

And...please pray, that excited as I may be and AM about seeing this project launch, that whatever may and will come of it - pain, joy, despair, discouragement, encouragement - all of it will be left in the Hands of God. And that I won't ever see or try to control this site as mine (another part of the reason it's got a team) (and yes, I am a bossy and controlling person, before anyone reminds me), but that I'll always see it as what it is - God's idea, God's plant, God's fruition, God's growth, God's blessing, God's Hand. That I'll constantly give it back to Him.

Now, three things.

One, avatars. I'm attempting to get those sorted at the minute, but as yet, I'm completely unsure and not very hopeful about avatars being available, unless you sign into S4C with your own WordPress account.

Two, usernames. If you attempt to register with any spaces between characters, it may say that you use unrecognised symbols or numbers. Use an underscore _ in the stead of spaces.

Three, changing usernames. You cannot change your username after you have chosen it. Be careful what you pick. However, you CAN type in a nickname and use that instead of your username.

Note: We have no objections to any usernames chosen, as long as they are in the regions of understandability. :P Like, "TheGoldenHind", but not "20200202".

Second note: No blasphemy, swearing, bad language or conotational language is permitted on the site. Any such will lead to disciplinary action.

Scary things over, here are some of my excitedly bouncy tweets.

All right girls, registration on S4C should now be open! First person to register, let me know!

Note to those (if any :P) trying to register on S4C: do not use spaces. Use _ instead of spaces. Any username within reason is accepted. :)

Re: S4C -- @LoriElanor: "I hope you don't mind the questions! I thought they'd be good!" Me: "Course not, it's not a dictatorship!" :P

First unassisted registrant on S4C! Adrienne from OYAN!

Tee-hee. I just realised, I'm wearing my DO HARD THINGS Rebel with a Cause 1 Tim 4:12 t-shirt on the day I'm launching S4C. :P

‎*really wants to throw a birth-day party for Singleness4Christ*

God bless!