Meet the Author's Author

Meet the Author's Author
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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Blogs or Vlogs?

Posted blogs or video blogs?

Both have something going for them.

For video blogs, you see a person. You hear their voice, watch their mannerisms, observe their surroundings, recognise emotion, faint at accents, recall memories.
It puts pressure on for instant thought, creative speech and expressive body language.

In short, it contains a lot more of the physical person in a small confined space of time and image.

Written blogs, however, can be long - as long as you like. They require extensive and interesting patterns of thought, creative writing and usage of words to carry the reader through to the end. Painting pictures with words and imagery is completely necessary to carry an idea or a thought that you wish to share.
You use eyes and ears and heart to read into what a person is saying through their words. You use fingers to type it out.
People feel much freer to express themselves when they aren't visually exposed.

In short, writing blogs is supported by the mastery of conversant literature.
Video blogs are for those who can communicate well with body language and voice. Written is for writers. Video is for talkers. Of course, either can do either. :P

Video is a challenge to those who are not very good talking out loud, for developing body language and verbal communication skills. And written is a place where one can more easily pour out one's heart through words, and learn to grapple with the beauty of words and their meanings, and the use of them to express oneself.

Either or, it's a personal preference. Listening to Addison Lucchi's vlog earlier, and knowing my own preference is to write, I figured I'd write a blog comparing the two. I'm almost tempted to dare Addison to vlog on it. ;)

Anyways. Closing down my written blog post, here is a video and much applause to Addison's first vlog post!