Meet the Author's Author

Meet the Author's Author
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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Two Miracles Today

I wasn't sure I'd put my bus pass in my bag this morning. I'd had to go back into work already to check with my "big brother" Mat whether he'd got the photo I was meant to give him, and then stopped to chat briefly with Chris (who I'll tell you about in the next couple of posts). So I was tearing across the road helter-skelter with my eye on the X51 (the bus I catch from work) when it pulled out of the bus stop. And it was raining.
Oh well, more time to sing...
The 51 pulls in. It takes about 20 minutes longer than the X51 to get into my town. Oh well...then I can't find my bus pass. Lord, You know I need to get home early because of cadets! I look up at the driver and shake my head, then sigh in exasperation as I walk over to the seats and scrabble through my handbag, trying to find my new bus pass - instead of the old one I pulled out twice. I pull it out...just as the next X51, not due for 13 minutes, pulls in. (13 minutes is a lot of difference in rush hour traffic!)
I laugh as I walk to the doors of the bus, shaking my head, and feel the presence of God coming close.
"Do you still doubt I'm looking out for you?"
"No,'s impossible when I see You do tiny things like this."
"Then trust Me with the rest..."

Thinking and praying on the bus earlier, once again I asked God, "Teach me how to love..."
God: "Are you prepared for Me to pour something radically new into you?"
Me: "God, it's love. What can be radically different about it?"
God: "Look at Me. I am Love. And I am new every morning."

The total truth of that shocked me into awe. It's true. And since I chose love over running, God has opened doorway after doorway to teach me how to love in and through and because of this love. It wasn't that I forgot that...just that I am so limited by human blinkers that I can't see how much more amazing it can get than this...

How does love stay alive? Yes, by choices. Yes, by something - or Someone - stronger and way deeper than anything emotional. But also by refreshing. And when God is in control of our love life (in more ways than one!) then it is refreshed every day. The more He teaches us to love Him, the more we love those He has given us to love. New every day.

Love in every way brings pain. Every fresh growth always hurts. But for the caterpillar to emerge as a butterfly, there's a struggle. For the gold to be made pure, it must be burned. For the Christian to become like Christ, there is going to be pain, as sure as heaven and earth will pass away. But to become like Him, no matter what He takes, it's sure as Heaven worth it!

~Mademoiselle Sian