Meet the Author's Author

Meet the Author's Author
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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Newly Posted - Incoming!

One of my favourite things to do is to post a new post. And then, to share it. On Facebook, on Twitter, and on various chats.
Then I sit and watch for a couple of minutes with my finger on the refresh button.

I love Feedjit. :D It's so fun to watch the visitors start coming!!

"New Bern, North Carolina"
"Woodbridge, Virginia"
"Belfast, Northern Ireland"
"Moscow, Russia"

Within minutes of posting. O.o My mother saw her grandfather once before his death. George Edward C was born in c. 1889.
What would he have thought, I often wonder, if he could see his great granddaughter "slamming up blog posts", "Facebooking and tweeting", "emailing", "using a laptop", "typing" on something that wasn't a typewriter, talking about "gigabytes"...and what could a "website" possibly be? FLYING in a "jumbo jet" to a country that took months to sail to...flying's just been invented in his lifetime and only rich people can afford it.

And here I was complaining about 11 hour flights...!

So, George Edward, Great Grandfather, this blog post is to you. to you, would be snail mail...which isn't made of snails at all...and a blog...?
May visitors from Moscow and China come in a moment to pay their respects...maybe you would've enjoyed that. :D

Love y'all!