Meet the Author's Author

Meet the Author's Author
Live for Jesus! That's what matters! That you see the light in me and come along! :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Loud and Clear

Okay, I'm going to settle a little problem here, right here and right now. This is to prevent any further talking behind my back.

I am busy. Very, very busy. In fact, most nights I'm so busy I'm actually falling asleep online. The other night, I even fell asleep in front of my mother online. Woke up until she went to bed, then fell asleep again until about 2am, when I finally gave up in despair and crawled off to bed.

Most days, I get up somewhere around 6:30am and don't stop until 10:30pm. The times that I don't, I'm frantically rushing about online trying to sort out things like emails, and blog posts, and the S4C website. (The only thing I've been wasting time on is watching Dr. Who, and yes, I intersperse that with chatting.)

I'm falling asleep a LOT online. I am very tired and constantly on the run. It's not that I don't want to talk. It's not that I'm ignoring you and leaving you in the past. It's that I'm very busy, and I'm very tired.

Once again, for those complaining about the lack of chatting, (not those that want and merely express a wishful "I wish we could chat more!" before you sensitive people judge yourselves as that), I have and am opening the door to both emailing and letter writing. Please feel free to message me or leave a comment or post in regard to either aspect, and I will get back to you.

My days at the minute run as follows:

Monday: Work, home (get home for just after 6), Squadron (got to be there for 7/7:15), get back around 10. Go online, and then I'm dropping off to sleep around 12 and can wake up anywhere from 1-3, then go to bed.

Tuesday: Work, home, Bible study (leave home at 7), get home around 10, online, same procedure, bed.

Wednesday: Same as Monday.

Thursday: Work, home, night off (until I'm going to be helping 196, my old Squadron).

Friday: Work, home, out for spinning club at 7, home around 10.

Saturday: Cadets, mostly, bedroom tidying, trying to do stuff around the house or babysitting.

Ie. I'm busy.

Re: a decision I made recently, for everyone to hear, since most of you seem to be involved or else I've been discussed by everyone involved. I was supported by both of the other people in the case in my decision. THERE WAS NO OTHER REASON THAN WHAT I STATED. I am not a habitual liar, nor do I make painful and emotionally damaging (to myself as well as others) decisions just for the fun of it. Neither do I sit around wasting my time for people who do not change, when I have precious little of it as it is.

Also note, because of my arrogance and bossiness and self opinionated ways, I do not need looking down on, pitying or a further load of consolatory messages and an "oh-we-wish-we-had-the-old-Jane-back" going on behind my back. Nor do I need babying or mothering, except in the ways God is showing me and I am turning to responsible young and older women for as God moves them into place in my life. If you're not in one of those spots, that doesn't mean you aren't responsible. Just that God doesn't necessarily want you in a position of responsibility in my life. Hopefully that is also clear.

This isn't just in response to one message, it's directed at many chats and comments and slips in conversation that have occurred in the past several weeks. And also at the character of at least one person I know is involved in some of this.

Remember, I also have been caught up in the pity-puddle mode, and I know that part of it is simply sharing a burden which usually ends up in talking about how another person is treating you bad.

Well, it's not intentional. I'm being very blunt with this. And I'm sorry if it hurts. I'm also tired of people talking about my "withdrawal" behind my back, and being insecure (which I know I shouldn't be) anyway, the last thing I need is people discussing me out of earshot. I'm not "withdrawing", I simply have more of a life offline. And I can't get you involved with all aspects of it, simply because some of it is family private. Me private (to some degree) I share, and as much as I choose to share, you get, which has also been condemned as more than it should be. So please stop wishing to get at the rest of me. We all like to have a bit of privacy. I don't care to lay everything I've got over the floor for people to stare at, comment on and then walk away from - intentionally or unintentionally.

Hopefully that, too, is clear.

Finally, I'm directing this paragraph at everyone who is going to jump on the bandwagon to condemn this post.
You ask for honesty, you get it in broad daylight. I have nothing to hide. I haven't got time to sit down and write a long email to every single person in the big entangled circle who is going on about this.
All the people who read this and feel or know that it is directed at them, you're either going to shrink away and hide from me for fear "you've lost Janey's love" or "Janey's mad at me" or shake your heads pityingly or decide to "try and remain her friend because it's the Christian thing to do, loving people who hurt you" - one, I don't give love lightly, so I'm sorry if you think I'm that flippant with my affection; two, I greatly appreciate your friendship, and I'll work with you over the rough spots.

Two things you need to know about me; I don't take friendship out of pity, and I don't take pushing. Don't try and push your way in. Wait.

And all those who are stronger than they make out to be - get a thicker skin. Friendship hurts. Learn if it's worth it.

I AM sorry if this hurts anyone. It's something I've been feeling for a long time needs to be said.
And yes, I'm well aware my "friendship circle" could be half diminished by the time some people reach this point.

Take care and God bless you.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thankfulness at Work


1 - Surveys given.

2 - Things to laugh at.

3 - Friendly colleagues.

4 - A good boss who likes to debate.

5 - Chances to witness - rather frighteningly - to my Muslim colleagues.

6 - Names to chuckle over! (John Milton, Pixy Greathead, Tofuzzel Miah!)

7 - A pork pie per day!

8 - Money coming in!

9 - Being able to sit outside, eat lunch, feel the presence of God and listen to my MP3 and sing praises.

10 - A view where I can look out the window over Birmingham and watch the planes in the sky...

11 - Writing out Scriptures and putting them in my keyboard.

12 - The promises of God to keep me faithful and serving while I'm waiting.

13 - Being able to spend more time with my sister and see my niece every day.

14 - Break times to read the Bible in.

15 - Bus travelling! Over an hour to listen to music and read the Bible while standing up travelling home.

16 - Learning that buses make you people friendly!

17 - Morning prayer and praise walks from home to my sister's.

18 - The beauty of the morning sky!

19 - Spending time praying for the people closest to me.

20 - Singing a prayer hymn every day, "Be Thou My Vision", slightly edited, for the best man in the world.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Singleness Is Willingness (2)

Okay, I'm going crazy here. :D

From my impulsive decision to launch S4C tonight, this afternoon, and sending a scrambled email around to the other team members, to throwing together hastily the advertising suggested by my website creator and manager Kyle Johnston, I've been really nervous all day.

For advertising, I've blogged, tweeted, FBed, Buzzed, chat statused and posted on the Rebelution Attic thread and on OYAN's RD thread.

Four registrants have joined the forum - a warm welcome to Stephy, Lady_Adrienne, Haitch and Butterfly!

God moves in mysterious ways - Attic Moderator (also S4C editor and my big sister) Carissa Mann visited the Attic Greenhouse Thread and she hadn't in ages...found my topic, told me where to edit it and then posted it live.

It's starting a startlingly lively discussion on OYAN, too! It's also being reshared out across Buzz, Facebook and Twitter. I'm so thrilled! God is moving and blessing it! Praise the Lord!

I'd like to ask for wisdom and guidance as it launches for the S4C team and myself on how to guide it during the first rocky weeks, particularly so that people recognise it as not for promoting singleness as promoting the usage of singleness - for God. Not for pining after a husband, but not to stop people praying for any future spouse they may have.

And...please pray, that excited as I may be and AM about seeing this project launch, that whatever may and will come of it - pain, joy, despair, discouragement, encouragement - all of it will be left in the Hands of God. And that I won't ever see or try to control this site as mine (another part of the reason it's got a team) (and yes, I am a bossy and controlling person, before anyone reminds me), but that I'll always see it as what it is - God's idea, God's plant, God's fruition, God's growth, God's blessing, God's Hand. That I'll constantly give it back to Him.

Now, three things.

One, avatars. I'm attempting to get those sorted at the minute, but as yet, I'm completely unsure and not very hopeful about avatars being available, unless you sign into S4C with your own WordPress account.

Two, usernames. If you attempt to register with any spaces between characters, it may say that you use unrecognised symbols or numbers. Use an underscore _ in the stead of spaces.

Three, changing usernames. You cannot change your username after you have chosen it. Be careful what you pick. However, you CAN type in a nickname and use that instead of your username.

Note: We have no objections to any usernames chosen, as long as they are in the regions of understandability. :P Like, "TheGoldenHind", but not "20200202".

Second note: No blasphemy, swearing, bad language or conotational language is permitted on the site. Any such will lead to disciplinary action.

Scary things over, here are some of my excitedly bouncy tweets.

All right girls, registration on S4C should now be open! First person to register, let me know!

Note to those (if any :P) trying to register on S4C: do not use spaces. Use _ instead of spaces. Any username within reason is accepted. :)

Re: S4C -- @LoriElanor: "I hope you don't mind the questions! I thought they'd be good!" Me: "Course not, it's not a dictatorship!" :P

First unassisted registrant on S4C! Adrienne from OYAN!

Tee-hee. I just realised, I'm wearing my DO HARD THINGS Rebel with a Cause 1 Tim 4:12 t-shirt on the day I'm launching S4C. :P

‎*really wants to throw a birth-day party for Singleness4Christ*

God bless!

Singleness Is Willingness


I've not been an official Rebelutionary that long, but some of you know me...
Recently, the Lord laid on my heart that while there are many websites and books out there preparing girls for marriage, there aren't that many dealing with the single years.

Not long ago, I saw a post on Facebook where a girl had a dream of helping children and becoming a missionary, but of course, she "couldn't do that until God gave her a husband." So she was going to sit around and do nothing towards what she believed God had called her, because she didn't think she could do it without a husband.

I believe in the goals of serving the family at home before marriage, for young women, but a lot of young women seem to think they can't use passions for God before they marry. I think we can.

I've been praying for someone to start a website for young single women, to encourage them in God, to support and encourage regular Bible reading and prayer, to discuss Scriptural principles, and our passions and how we can use our single years for Christ. Then I felt that God wanted me to do I did.

It's a blog and forum combined, and there are five team members. The site is

It was supposed to be officially launched over a month ago, but it hasn't yet.
I'm looking for suggestions and ideas.

What do you think of the idea of a site like this?

What do you expect from such a site?

God bless,

Job + Cadets + Busyness!

Sooooo. I'm not online very much any more, and I'm encouraging people to email me or even - yes, I'm opening the doorway! - WRITE to me - rather than chat me, so I can clear my emails, tweets and Facebook notifications, work on the S4C website and blog in the relatively short time I have online now, apart from weekends.

Of course, if you need to chat me, I'm around mostly on Saturdays and Sundays.

I now have a 9-4:45 job on Mondays - Fridays as a market research telephone interviewer. You know, those horribly annoying people that ring your phone and ask you to spend some time on an interview. I always turned them down, politely and pityingly. After all, I could imagine how hard it was for them.

Now, I KNOW how hard it is for them. Their job - my job - hangs on getting those surveys. So remember that, next time you turn them down. :P
I should be getting 6-9 surveys a day, depending on the quota set, and at the minute, I'm roughly getting 3-4. If you don't make those, you have to get a minimum of 35-40 calls an hour, and if you don't work to the target, you're fired. At the moment, I'm getting something like 70 calls in 3 hours. They're just starting to really sift out those that they'll keep from those that they'll fire, so I really need prayer to try and get my call rates up. People have been fired already. I'm not slacking, but I'm not dialling as quickly as I need to be, obviously.

It's not a very interesting job. Sitting at a desk all day with just over an hour's break, picking up a phone, waiting for a response, mostly meeting with a refusal, putting the phone down with your ear ringing, noting the objection/refusal or booking an appointment and moving straight on to the next one. And I always hated offices.

But you know something? God provided a job in answer to so many people praying for me to get one as soon as I got home. It's £6.50 an hour. It passes time fairly quickly. It's honest work. And with so many people struggling to get into the workforce, I'm very grateful to have a job. I can support my family to a degree with the money I'll be earning. It enables me to spend time with my sister.

There's even things to laugh at. Like the amusing lines the other day. In the comment box, you're supposed to put date, time, and contact name. This info I received for one of my calls simply read, "Mr. Dixon is the man." XD! And then another one was an automated machine voice saying, "This number knows you are waiting." Um...numbers have minds? Then beautiful names. Like this following - "Tofuzzel Miah" and "Pixy Greathead". How stunningly awesome is that! :D

I'm starting to click with the guys I came in with, and a few others who know my sister and therefore are kind to me. Mikel, Jack, Priya, Ripa, Ffiona, Gemma, Mohammed, James are all part of the group I was recruited with. Most of them are agency - signed on and required to actively find a job. A few of us are independent, though, like me. I got along well with all of them. Charlene was also one of us, but she was fired. Now, there's only Mikel, Jack, Priya and me left from the original group. Another Charlene and Simon, and later Luke and Mosheid, were later added to our group.

My boss's name is Intikhab, and he is a solid Muslim. When he and my sister used to work together, he always used to be asking her questions - like, really good questions you have to search back on. Now he's transferred that to me. :D He's a really nice guy though, and a good boss. His pointed questions are very interesting, because he won't just ask to see what I'll believe, but he'll double back on me to see if I really believe what I'm saying. There's been a lot of religion talk amongst my Muslim colleagues at work recently, particularly as there's been a book going around called "The Glorious Qu'ran". I'm keeping my mouth closed, though it's hard, because God opens the opportunities, not me. And He is.

Not only there, but the fact I am a Christian is slowly starting to circulate. Pamela and I walked to the bus stop a few weeks ago, and I told her a small section of my background history. She appears to have a "belief" in God, although she very much doesn't appear born again. Kassim and Inti both were discussing some points about Islam and Christianity the other day. Their main point seems to be our common links; our only difference is the Divinity of Jesus - that Jesus is the Son of God, and the truth of His death on the cross. My goal is to show the fundamental difference - that the Lord's divinity and His death make ALL the difference in the world - enough for an eternity between Heaven and hell. Pray for God to use me. I can't do it.

On a lighter note, here is my desk at work! :D

Normally on here will be a glass of water, a bottle of Coke (yes, Andrew, COKE), a stack of papers, my Bible, three stones from Jay and my little orange Testament that goes everywhere with me, from Texas.

Now, for cadets.

Monday and Wednesday nights I attend my new Squadron. Things are...very interesting there. I've had some good discussions with the cadets, one started by my purity/promise ring, of all things! Daniel B is probably the person I get along with there.

Being an ex-corporal hasn't helped things a lot. Half of the cadets still think of me as a corporal still, but in-waiting, and the other think I'm an upstart little nobody from another Squadron who isn't and shouldn't be an NCO.
There's a chance I may get my rank slides back soon, but it will cause some problems if I do. Oh well, I've been pushed before and this time I know what's coming.

I'd really like some prayer for the swearing and stuff going on on the Squadron. It's really getting to me.
The Squadron padre is a good man, and a real Christian. There's a friend of the Boss's whose name is Chris Bates; he's the padre at one of the highest Squadrons in the Wing, and he's also a real Christian.
I met a girl cadet through my little sister Shannon, and when she added me on Facebook, I found out that she was a Christian too! :) Sometimes it's good to know I'm not alone.

This Squadron is more active in a way than 196 ever was - although 196 is home as it can never be. But it's good there. Really good.
Trying to balance it in with work is a bit tricky, so I'd appreciate your prayers there. :D

Just to cover myself, the next two months are going to be packed full of cadet stuff. At the end of October/beginning of November, we'll be doing bag-packs for the Poppy Appeal, parades, maybe even a concert where the Sqn band will be playing and I will be singing! I'm really hoping that works out. :D

Most of all, please pray for God to work through me so as to witness for His Name in both and all places.
And please pray for next year, as I'm not only attempting to come over to OYAN again, but also to bring my family over for a visit. Not sure if that will work out, but with God, all things are possible!

In Christ,