Meet the Author's Author

Meet the Author's Author
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Monday, January 23, 2012

Cadet Corporal Sian Jones

I have been waiting on this to post, as I'm not sure how to write it. But since my cadet status - and my corporal status consequently - have been blazoned across the internet, I feel I need to update you all.

The promotions we were waiting on happened the other night at my new Squadron. Four good, hardworking cadets were picked. I was not one of them.

The only reason I am aware of is because of the facts that a) I don't mix very well and b) I have six months left in the Corps and it's not worth their while to promote me.

I'm sitting here considering whether to change my Twitter background from corporal's stripes, and I am changing my computer username from Cpl. S. Jones to Mademoiselle Sian - and my personal picture from corporal's stripes.

I can't deny that it's made me feel like a failure, particularly knowing the internal reactions of some people in the Corps. However, I earned it once, and nearly had sergeant. I think I'll be proud of that and let the rest go.

My intentions are not as present to enter the RAF. I'm also changing my last six cadet months to MY six cadet months. Without bragging, I'm a good cadet as a general rule and I won't change that. But I will go to events I want to go to that are convenient for me, I won't study what I don't want to study, and so on. My cadet life hasn't been the best and as such, I'll fit the last six months for me to enjoy.

So. Jane Johnson. Cadet Corporal Sian Jones. Mademoiselle Sian Garner-Jones.
Which will stand the tests of time in the end, I wonder?

God bless,
Ex-Cadet Corporal Sian Jones