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Meet the Author's Author
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Sunday, January 15, 2012

OYAN/Reb/Yank Post

This is a big topic of small importance...

I attended the OYAN Summer Workshop 2011 last year (well, obviously last year). And loved it and everything to pieces. (I think you were still intact when I got home though... *glances at her trident*)
I spent two months in the States. 2 weeks in Kansas, 2 weeks in Oklahoma, 1 week in Oregon, 1 week in Texas and 2 more weeks in Kansas. June 15 - August 16. I am not a millionaire and family circumstances were such last year that it is a total miracle that I even got there, much less to travel that extensively. My families took care of me and loved me and God bless them very, very much. Thank you.

I fell in love with America while I was there. I'm a passionate British patriot, but I feel two totally different ways about both countries. America and Britain are not perfect - but America is a new land. A beautiful land. A new life. A fresh start. And chock full of my friends and people I love. Long and short of this being, due to my family's situation and my brother's medical (and mental) condition, it was suggested by several people that I attempt to bring my family over to the USA. Emigration - and immigration.

I've looked into it, emailing some friends of Mother G's and also an emigration solicitor. I could go over there and work for five years if there was someone that was willing to hire/sponsor me. But with my scanty qualifications, even though they're some of the highest in Britain's schools....
I'm not specialised. So no one would have me. Also, that would require leaving my family behind. The chances are very slim. I've no idea how to gain influence with anyone of importance in the US.
With Jose close to being on the list, it's even lower.

I was chatting one of my friends last night and he made a suggestion. I've no idea if this would work, but if it would, how many of you would be willing/interested in writing to your congressmen or something?
If I were free to move on my own it would be less of a problem, but I have my Mom and my twin brother to think about.
I'm willing to work and learn and do anything, really. I just want to start again and help my family start again.
I know you're praying...just wondered how many of you'd be interested or willing to do this.

God bless!