Meet the Author's Author

Meet the Author's Author
Live for Jesus! That's what matters! That you see the light in me and come along! :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Three Weavers ~ Annie Fellows Johnston

This short analysis of the book was written by a lady called Rebekah, who I give full credit to - being too lazy and idle to write a small description myself. :P

"A "fairy" tale about three daughters and their fathers. At the birth of each of the girls, they are given a loom and golden thread on which to weave their ideals of the prince who will come for them, for a prince will come for each girl. The looms grow as the girls do, but their fathers have different responses to the looms.

One father laughs about it, and teases his daughter as she weaves about her thoughts of young men. She fancies many boys, and gives them the mantles she weaves. However, her standard was not that of the prince, and when he came for her, the mantle of her ideals did not fit him, and he went away.

Another father hides the loom, and she finds out about it from the previous girl. When she asks her father about it, he becomes angry, and tells her she is too young to be thinking of weaving on her loom. But her friend was weaving, so she wove and daydreamed in secret. She notices a page outside her window, and imagines him to be a prince. So she weaves her ideals to fit him, and gives the mantle to him. When her prince comes, her father decides to teach her how to weave an ideal of a true prince, to find that she has woven in her own way, and given her mantle away. She has nothing left to weave with, and the prince goes away.

The third girl hears about her loom, and asks her father. He teaches her how to weave, and gives her the yardstick by which to measure a true prince. As she weaves, she measures her ideals and dreams by the yardstick. Many young men come, but although she likes them, none measure to the stature of a prince.
When finally the prince does come, the mantle she has woven had not been given away, and fitted him "in all faultlessness, as the falcon's feathers fit the falcon." And he took her away, and they lived happily ever after. "


Does he seek after God with all his heart?
Does he strive to honour God and seek His glory in all he does?
Does he love his neighbour as himself?
Does he put his comfort and security before that of those around him? we?

A servant's heart is required of both. A heart after Christ. A heart to serve each other, and everyone else out of the overflowing.

Do I strive to follow God with all my heart?
Do I seek God's glory and honour in all I say, sing, walk, think, do?
Do I put my own comfort and security before those around me?
Do I love my neighbour as myself?

I'm ashamed to say I have, do and am failing in each one.
What about you?

Remember when you're looking at a potential partner for's not only how much he or she strives after God. It's how much you are.

I'm single. I won't say much more for fear of presuming to say too much where many much wiser than I have trod.

Now, as far as the following goes, I am NOT telling people to not strive to be pure. Or if you're pure, that it doesn't matter. It does. Way more than I can say. As Christ is, so we ought to strive to be. He became sin for us that He might raise us up to His standard of purity - that we might be pure through His forgiveness and His righteousness.
If you're still pure - thank God on your knees for it! Value it greatly. Keep hold of it with fear and trembling for it is oh, so easy to lose.

I loved this book, although now I'm somewhat older I do have a small quarrel to pick - which goes along with my old lost story of the Jewels.

The prince that would leave a truly repentant, God-humbled girl striving for better is no noble, only a Pharisee. A pure woman that would leave a sin-stained but truly, God-humbled, repentant man that is aiming for purity forgets that she is the same as the harlot before God.

Forget your pride.

We are all equal at the foot of the cross. :)

In Christ,
~Mademoiselle Siân

Friday, February 24, 2012

An Interviewer's Insanity

So. I wrote this random little skit today in between calls. (Yes, I was dialling! Just scribbling at the points when the phone was ringing.)

This is taken from the perspective of a snobbish receptionist (ie, briskly efficient that disposes of researchers as wastes of precious time) and an interviewer driven mad/crazy by no surveys, non-stop calling and rude refusals.

R: Receptionist
I: Interviewer
M: Manager

(Interviewer stops banging head off the desk, assumes a calm air, picks up the phone and dials.)

R: (pleasantly) Hello, this is Denise Arrington-Smith, secretary to Lord Harry Poncenby of the Willoughy Estates Learning and Support School. Can I help you?

I: Hello! My name is Emily Willis and I'm calling on behalf of the Sunday Times. Can I speak to Lord Poncenby please?

R: (suspiciously) Oh, I'm sorry...what did you say your name was again?

I: (politely cheerful) Emily Willis.

R: And your company name?

I: I'm calling on behalf on the Sunday Times.

R: Is that where you're calling from?

I: (leans back and stares at the ceiling) Inquisition Time!

R: Oh...from the Inquisition Times. Okay. Please hold the line.

I: What line? Where?

R: This line.

I: I can't see or hear a line! Apart from the one I'm speaking right now!

R: (snappishly) Just wait! (puts on hold)

(holding music)

I: (to self, musing) Of course, it could be a line of music... (is sitting holding the phone cord in the air carelessly) Wait? For how long?

R: (returns)

I: (is singing loudly along to the holding music)

R: (clears throat) Hello?

I: I'm waiting. You didn't say how to wait or how long for!

R: (ignores) I'm sorry, but the line is engaged.

I: Really?! Who to? When's the wedding? (adopts professional tone) Is there anyone else I could speak to please?

R: (deep breath) Just bear with me.

I: (cuts in before the hold starts) (quotes Shakespeare) "For my part I had rather bear with you than bear you." Unless of course you are a bear, which would explain the strange noises currently coming from your end down the phone...

R: (stiffly) I'm sorry, Mr Jamison isn't free right now either.

I: (excited) Oh! I didn't know he was on sale at ALL!

R: (slams down phone)

M: (had been monitoring the call) (stalks over) (furious) You're fired!

I: (squeals) Ohhh! I'm a gun?!

(fade out)

* * *

I really wish I could get this performed. :P It would be hilarious - at least for me...and apparently Mom who was laughing insanely when I read it to her. :P

Some of this stuff I DO say...but addressed to the screen or a depressed colleague. :P

God bless!
Mademoiselle Siân

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Can There Be A Man For Such as Me?

Life's a rough trail, and most of us take the wrong track at some point on the journey. I'm guessing roughly, but for girls, I'd say about three fourths of us, especially in this modern age, have lost virtual or physical purity along the way.

Those that are Christians or that later come to Christ may feel something terribly empty inside. Disconnected. Broken. Isolated. Like there's a hole that can't be filled. And a terrible deep sense of guilt. Shame. Dirt.

For those that have been pure a long time, or that were subjected to rape, it can lead to self harm or even worse.

There is something terribly wrong. A unity meant to last forever has been broken apart. A forever minimised down to a here-and-now. A wealth of meaning diminished to a trivial circumstance.
One of the most sacred things in creation has been dragged down into the mud.

And we look up at the sky and choke on our tears.
For now that we have lost that which made us set apart, what man of the kind that we have prayed for, that we long for with all the goodness of Christ within, would want us?

"What man could love a whore like me?"

How can we expect someone whole or who has been healed by Christ to come and love and cherish us? What would we have to give but brokenness and impurity?
And we all know that broken people attract broken people or users, like a shark coming after a fish trailing blood...

What could we expect someone whole...

It's already happened.

Christian girls that have fallen, and all of you dear, dear's already happened.

Jesus Christ.

The Perfect Man. The God-Man.

He is Someone whole who loves a whore like me! He is the Son of Man who came to save the sinners, and not the righteous! He will forgive! He does forgive, He can forgive, He will always forgive if we turn to Him and repent - turn our back on - our ways - for the Love that He has borne for us!

He can make us clean as though it had never occurred. Yes, it will stay in our minds. It's our choice whether we use that memory for shame and guilt - in which is Satan's glory, or Godly shame (if it's not rape - there is no fault of yours in that) and share the victory of cleansing God performed in your life, to bring others through.

Mistakes in our lives are not God's choice, or God's best, for us. But He can use our mistakes for His glory, if we are totally - TOTALLY - surrendered to His will, and can turn the ashes into beauty.

Don't hide it away into the darkness. Ask God to transform you into His image. Ask Him to change darkness into light.

There is a Man, who is WHOLE and willing to heal us, and our wounds. To change us. It is His incomprehensible JOY and DELIGHT to gather us into His arms - we who have mocked and turned away from Him, who have denied His power to cleanse and to save. Who loves us - BROKEN and IMPERFECT and SINNERS.

It is Jesus Christ, the Son of God. It is the Lord God Almighty.

In Christ,
Mademoiselle Siân

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Evening Schedule!

So the Americans are celebrating the Superbowl and most of my friends are away watching it. Fine!

I'm sitting in my favourite armchair, with a plate of cheese, pickled onions and a glass of sparkling apple juice.

Chatting to the few friends who haven't left and watching Beauty and the Beast. Kind of. I'm going to blog two posts, work on S4C, upload a couple of songs to my MP3, write emails to a couple of my friends, TRY and update Facebook and TRY and sort out more emails. And also write my prayer notebook. :)
Yes, it's midnight.
Yes, I'm trying to forget it's work tomorrow. :D
Yes, I'm job hunting for a second night job.

Hmm. My sister said that watching the first song and scene of Beauty and the Beast reminded her of me. I prefer the second version of the song. That says what I feel!

Though I love Human Again!

The Grace of a Past

While chatting with someone tonight, I was once again brought face to face with a remnant of my past.
Those come in many ways. A scent. A laugh. A sudden repeated line. A shared memory. An image. A word. A name. An action. Good memories. And bad memories.

I'm not going to be ambiguous for once...and I'm going to talk pretty freely. So those of you that hate that in me, go for a nice long ramble onto someone else's blog. ;) There, warning over.

Tonight's was a flash back from my past. Someone that's been banned from talking to me because of my past as a cutter. I completely understand why that parent has done what they have done.
I also would not have done what that parent has done - and don't judge my youth or my lack of actual parenthood (begging my four adoptive children to forgive me at this point! :)) in response.
My mother instinct will want to shelter and protect my children from harm - and I will. But I will not hide from them that there are bad, sad things in this world - pain and tears. I never want my children to go through what my past has been. But I will not hide from them - or them from - people who have been there. You know why? Because I know God grows through pain. He uses it - every part of it - to draw us closer to Him. And because God uses the pain of others for us to identify with, reach out to, try to heal and help, and to grow in. As we share in the sufferings of our brothers and sisters in Christ - be they good or ill - then we are sharing in the sufferings of Christ.

Nope, not saying He doesn't use joy. Oh boy, has He ever given me the best piece in a year and a half tonight! Painless joy! But if it hadn't been for the pain in that year and a half, I would never have valued that joy half as much as I do tonight. It is only when you go through the toil to find the one diamond in the diamond mine, that you really value it. Not so much the one that you find lying by the roadside and take home. A man values a woman's heart twice as much if he has fought for her, than if he can pick her up off an easy market. A woman values the man that has higher standards twice as much as she does the man that falls easily to her wiles.

Some people are trapped in high standards. It's good to hold to high standards. If you impose them on the rest of the world, you end up being too good to live in it. There are people to this day who will not talk to me because of my past. My friend said that I should not be hated for my past, because who I am today is very different. She is right in a way. And yet, not in another.

I have no right to be cleared of anything held against me. Because I was that person. And I still am that person. But I do have a right of cleansing. And that is claimed through the blood of Jesus Christ, my one and Only Blessed Redeemer! Through His blood I am cleansed. By His grace, He has cleared me twice before - including to one family that I have now found true love and grace towards me there. If He wants me cleared, He will clear me again.

It's all well with me. All clear. All good. They're right to run from me. From the sin that is in everyone in the world. From the darkness. But in doing so, they're missing out on the beauty of the light as it clears the darkness. And as someone that is not only being worked in, but is being used to help work in others - when I see that darkness open and Light start to flood in - there is no greater joy. No greater Beauty. No greater Delight than the Son of God reclaiming His own.

I want to thank those that never ran. That faced the darkness inside me and stayed and prayed and fought with hell. Each of you, used in turn.
Jay. Kyle. Brendan. Nick. Braden. Keifer.
Rachel. Laurale. Sarah S and Sarah N. Kiehl. Rachel. Grace. Mother G. Mrs. L-G.

And, unaware that you fought but that did so much, or that were aware and helped when they could:
Mother. Calleigh. Bethany. Rebekah. Alexis. Aimee. Taylor W. Stephanie and Katherine. Ashley. Lindsey. Adrienne. Kyle. Anjelica. Miles. Brandyce. Zac. Jake. Jess. Holly. Casey. Katie. Laura Q. Rob K. Others that have reached out from time to time and that I cannot recall to name - I apologise.

God has been so good to me in all of you. Your hearts and hands are open. Please - please. Pray God to keep them so!

Grace. God's grace. Extended to man and exemplified in man. What beauty and wonder to behold! Praise the Lord. :)

In Christ,
~Mademoiselle Siân