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Meet the Author's Author
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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Can There Be A Man For Such as Me?

Life's a rough trail, and most of us take the wrong track at some point on the journey. I'm guessing roughly, but for girls, I'd say about three fourths of us, especially in this modern age, have lost virtual or physical purity along the way.

Those that are Christians or that later come to Christ may feel something terribly empty inside. Disconnected. Broken. Isolated. Like there's a hole that can't be filled. And a terrible deep sense of guilt. Shame. Dirt.

For those that have been pure a long time, or that were subjected to rape, it can lead to self harm or even worse.

There is something terribly wrong. A unity meant to last forever has been broken apart. A forever minimised down to a here-and-now. A wealth of meaning diminished to a trivial circumstance.
One of the most sacred things in creation has been dragged down into the mud.

And we look up at the sky and choke on our tears.
For now that we have lost that which made us set apart, what man of the kind that we have prayed for, that we long for with all the goodness of Christ within, would want us?

"What man could love a whore like me?"

How can we expect someone whole or who has been healed by Christ to come and love and cherish us? What would we have to give but brokenness and impurity?
And we all know that broken people attract broken people or users, like a shark coming after a fish trailing blood...

What could we expect someone whole...

It's already happened.

Christian girls that have fallen, and all of you dear, dear's already happened.

Jesus Christ.

The Perfect Man. The God-Man.

He is Someone whole who loves a whore like me! He is the Son of Man who came to save the sinners, and not the righteous! He will forgive! He does forgive, He can forgive, He will always forgive if we turn to Him and repent - turn our back on - our ways - for the Love that He has borne for us!

He can make us clean as though it had never occurred. Yes, it will stay in our minds. It's our choice whether we use that memory for shame and guilt - in which is Satan's glory, or Godly shame (if it's not rape - there is no fault of yours in that) and share the victory of cleansing God performed in your life, to bring others through.

Mistakes in our lives are not God's choice, or God's best, for us. But He can use our mistakes for His glory, if we are totally - TOTALLY - surrendered to His will, and can turn the ashes into beauty.

Don't hide it away into the darkness. Ask God to transform you into His image. Ask Him to change darkness into light.

There is a Man, who is WHOLE and willing to heal us, and our wounds. To change us. It is His incomprehensible JOY and DELIGHT to gather us into His arms - we who have mocked and turned away from Him, who have denied His power to cleanse and to save. Who loves us - BROKEN and IMPERFECT and SINNERS.

It is Jesus Christ, the Son of God. It is the Lord God Almighty.

In Christ,
Mademoiselle Siân