Meet the Author's Author

Meet the Author's Author
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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Awe of Creation

Sometimes I keep getting glimpses of how great God is.
Particularly when I imagine this great world as a ball spinning on the tip of His finger.
Or when I imagine a single breath from Him and all of this being created. He could've THOUGHT it into existence. Instead, He chose to speak an entire sentence.

I was just hunting down one of the proverbs for another blog post, something I read in Mom's Bible as I ate breakfast, and it struck me.

The intimate complications of PROVERBS. One book we struggle to understand. One book inspired by God, from the complexity of a human mind.

One human.

How many of us are there?

Look at the blades of grass on a misty morning. Hazes dimming the sharp dark outlines of the trees, creating a golden blur for a morning sky. Blades of grass everywhere, coated from top to bottom with jewels of sparkling water. Tiny little blobs.



ALMOST EVERY BLADE. In ONE tiny street. In one tiny town. In one tiny county. In one tiny country. In one tiny world. In one tiny universe.

Not just that.

Think about the complexities that make up a blade of grass and a droplet of water. And think about the wealth of information that creates each part of those. And think about the depth of an atom.

And HOW many atoms make up how many things in this world??

You were God, alone. Three in One.

Then somewhere, in the midst of the infinity of no time, You created time.
That's mind blowing enough. For the human mind recognises the everlasting, but cannot comprehend no beginning.

Not only did You create and become the Lord of Time, You designed everything. All of the expanding universe. Every planet. Every galaxy. Every tiny blade of grass and every molecule.

Your signature is hidden, not in the Medusa cascade, but in every single breath of complex air we breathe, everything our eyes behold, every finite beauty You have created.

Signed, sealed and bought every wonderful, rare, intricately different human soul. You created us with pride. You loved us. You saw us turn inwards and start to destroy ourselves, with such grief and pity that You did what NONE of us can do. You BECAME Your creation to stop it!

You even let Your creation kill You. And You conquered the mortality they had brought on themselves to bring them back to infinity with You.

Humanity. Beginning but never ending.

You love us so much You will take us out of Your creation that WE destroyed to build us a new one.

Lord God Almighty! Is it any wonder that I crumple and weep at the awe of Your - awe?

Truly, if the human brain understood more than an atom of the Time Lord - we would burn up.

I hate to end.

~Mademoiselle Siân