Meet the Author's Author

Meet the Author's Author
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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Perfect Love ~ Bethany Faith

A thousand novels could be written and still not all could be explained of the complex, intricate creation of love…

Where care meets protection there must be a balance. Love never hurts in the name of care. Love has self-control. Love stays through hurt. Love breathes. Love is gentle.

Like a friend with patience that abounds, love listens. Love does not condemn.

Love looks at others before itself. Never does love find blame in others to clear its name. Love is merciful, pure, kind, and forgiving.

Love remembers the past, but does not let it damage the future. Where love stands, all can be overcome.

Love should be calming. Like a blanket that keeps you warm and a roof that stops the rain. A sword for protection though not wielded against you. Love is safe and sound; calm and peace. A refuge from the storm of life.

Love is not prejudice. Love is free from seeing self and viewing image or one’s own safety. Love sees what is and not what is wanted.

Love does not change over time; alter in circumstance; dim through trials. Love stays with you. Love is dependable, reassured, promised, and given.

Love is air to the suffocating. Love is what can hold you up or bring you down. Love is breath, heartbeat, and blood.

Love sacrifices not only items, but emotions, feelings, thought, trust, and comfort. Love is a promise of reassured gentility, regardless of blinding anger.

Love is not yet perfected by humans. Love has been faltered before.

But love is still meant to be security and trust.

Love should not make up hell, but instead strive to give heaven. Love is unbiased of what its flesh and blood want or feel.

Love sees through the eyes of care. Love feels other’s pain before it feels its own. Love tends to others wounds before it tends to its own.

Love does not find fault in cracked and broken hearts. Love repairs and rebuilds; only hate demolishes and destroys.

Love is good. Love is kind. Love does not slander. Love does not snap in anger. Love does not protect its pride. Love accepts truth. Love does not lie. Love is not secretive. Love does not stay in what is comfortable for only itself. Love goes against itself. Love fights for integrity and innocence. Love bandages and heals. Love lasts.

Love has been around before space and earth. Humans cannot perfect love.

Love, though, is good. God is good. Love is God and God has perfected love.

-Bethany Faith