Meet the Author's Author

Meet the Author's Author
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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Quotes and Thoughts of the Day

I want to heal. Not because I want to be pain-free. Because I expect to feel pain in the future. If I don't, I'll be worried. No, I want to heal so I can minister to others without being focused on and blinded by pain. I want to use that pain - to USE it. Not to be lost in it. God can use everything - and that is why He has safely brought and is bringing me through. I want to use it to reach out to others - to know the pain in their broken hearts and not to guess at it. To give, love and live the love of Christ and be a vessel to bring healing to them.

If you don't have any pain in your Christian life; be worried. If there is no pain, no matter how small or large - if you're just gliding along on a peaceful smooth trail - start praying.
For whom the Lord loveth, He chasteneth.
It doesn't have to be cyclonic. Just see if there's somewhere God is testing you or growing you. Even if it's trusting Him with school scores. ;)

It's not because you haven't got imagination. It's because you haven't had the imagination to stretch it.

Sometimes it's hard to blog. To blog something right out of your heart - like starting to write a new story. It's a baby, a child; a small, helpless, growing thing that you are very careful of and sensitive to.
Especially when you are different. But not - different enough. Popular. But not popular enough. (Not in the bad sense. :P)
When you want to reach hundreds of people for Christ through your life - and struggle with the knowledge that you're failing almost 24/7. And you're not really reaching a vast audience, you're just...reaching out.
But then three people read it. Four, or five.
Someone comments that it's caused them to rethink - and then you realise, it's done just what you wanted it to. Your situation has spoken to someone in their situation and pointed them up to Christ.
And you realise...
Other people might be called to reach the world that never wanted to.
You might be called to reach the few, though you wanted to touch the world.
In God's eyes, they're equally important.

And He commands us to let our little light shine.

Jesus bids us shine
With a pure, clear light,
Like a little candle
Burning in the night.
In this world of darkness
So let us shine—
You in your small corner,
And I in mine.

Jesus bids us shine,
First of all for Him;
Well He sees and knows it,
If our light grows dim.
He looks down from Heaven
To see us shine—
You in your small corner,
And I in mine.

Jesus bids us shine,
Then, for all around;
Many kinds of darkness
In the world are found—
Sin and want and sorrow;
So we must shine—
You in your small corner,
And I in mine.

(Credits @CyberHymnal)