Meet the Author's Author

Meet the Author's Author
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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The Holy Grail

He lay where Lord Weston had struck him to the ground, his eyes brimful of sadness as he gazed at the place where dust was settling - dust, which was all that remained of his liege lord.

Outside, the battle raged on. Each of those who had been at the heart of the search for the Holy Grail met their doom at the hands of the overwhelming, vengeance-seeking Vikings. Each of those last knights of Camelot. Tainted as they were, still fighting vainly for a dream that eluded their grasp.

For only one who was pure of heart could possess the Grail.

As he lay there, the vision passed before him of the dead bodies of his comrades, including that of the girl he loved. Of the Vikings picking over the field of conflict before leaving to return from whence they came.

One Viking, the new leader, gathered his people together.

"Triumphant warriors, the shadow of Camelot has been lifted. You have bled, you have lost brothers, but every remnent of Camelot has this day met doom, and will not rise again! Go to your tribes, to your families; spread the word that the world is new!"
Then she came, in the dark loneliness...the evil he fought, the good turned bad - his mother, the Lady of the Lake, once the aid of Merlin, once the possessor of the Sword Excalibur, but now obsessed with wreaking vengeance on a Camelot that never could stay completely pure, for they were but mortals, this people and their kings, not gods. Obsessed with ridding the world of it, becoming like her sister, Merlin's mother Queen Mab.

"Forget the Grail. It will never be yours. The battle is done, Jack. There is no more need to fight. I will lay your comrades to rest with courtesy. You may go."

What was worse - that she stood there saying it? Or the way she said it? Not angry, not ordering. Just quiet, calm confidence that he would do as she said.

His spirit leapt to her challenge.


Her gaze flickered, her lips tightened.

"Life is still yours, Jack. Take it."

With her last words, he rose to his feet and faced her.

"I have done enough for myself. I might try something different."

With a flick of his hands, he charged her with a pulse of magic, for she was only of water, and with a scream and a flash of memories before his eyes, she splattered into water against the wall.

Then he turned to the Grail, glowing with serene light in the place it had returned from after consuming Weston.

He knelt slowly, gently before it, extending his hands, curving them around its form but at a distance.

"I have never proved myself worthy and cannot do so now.
I beg this gift for those who cannot ask.
Undo this madness, and do with me what you will."

He took it into his hands, knowing the death it had brought to Weston, knowing himself to be what he was, but willing to give his life for the chance that it might bring back good to the people of Camelot.

And life came pouring forth.


It wasn't until he recognised himself for what he was, that the Grail allowed him to take it.
When he admitted the impurity of his heart, he became pure of heart in humbling himself.

Christ, far more than the figment of imagination that the world, as the Vikings and many others, scorned.

Hard to find, costing everything, but worth it all - for when found, (and if we seek, we find) and if we come just as we are, not professing our best suit of armour or our claim to Kingship, not forcing our way by will and power, not seeking to use Him for our own glory - He pours out life, and life abundant. He gives power and strength, but to the poor and needy. To those who come to Him admitting of their own needs and begging His grace and mercy.

He loves to give. But He is Sovereign. And no Sovereign will be commanded.

I'm glad I watched Merlin. Still greater is my joy at having watched Merlin's Apprentice. I highly recommend it.

"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they SHALL see God."

In Christ,
~Mademoiselle Siân

(C)Merlin's Apprentice 2005; quotes repeated verbatim. All quote and scene credits given to the film Merlin's Apprentice.