Meet the Author's Author

Meet the Author's Author
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Saturday, May 12, 2012

In the Shorts of Three

Not in chronological order. ;)


On deciding to work on BfD, I found the second book and took it to work with me yesterday. I was chatting with Navpreet (my adopted daughter) about it casually during lunch break, and she asked to look at it. When she started to read it, she got so caught up she lost track of where she was.

Two - YAY!


For the last two days, I've worn my OYAN t-shirt to work. It's amusing walking down the street and watching people read it. So were my colleagues at work - and liked it. (Yes, Mr. S., I'm attempting to infiltrate the whole of Britain with OYAN. Slowly. :P)

This morning, carrying four heavy bags and hurrying towards work, I passed a guy who read it out loud as I walked past him.

"My villain can beat up your villain?" And started laughing.

I grinned.

"Yep! And no arguing about it!"

That was funny.


After almost two years of waiting (cause I even got my close friends' names out of her before this), Ayanna has learned a new word.
On Friday, I didn't get to my sister's until later than (the new) usual. Ayanna is getting used to me coming in, maybe putting her coat and shoes on and then scooping her up to put her in her car seat.
I saw Sam glancing my way as I came up to the car, then when we were on the way, she told me what had happened, laughing.

Considering Ayanna was shouting "AUNTIE" until she did. :P

Apparently Narnies had been standing by the front door, looking around for me, holding her hands up in the "Where" way she uses, and going, "Aunt-ee? Aunt-ee?" And then when I came around the corner, as Sam was putting her in the car, she saw me and said, "AUNTIE!" pointing at me. :D

And we had our (new) usual conversation on the first part of the journey (which consists of me showing her things and saying them "blue car" "people" "trees" "silver car" and her repeating them back) interspersed with "Auntie!" :P

With love,
Mlle. Siân