Meet the Author's Author

Meet the Author's Author
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Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Princess and the Love (add-on to the Kiss)

Once upon a time...

There was a princess whose parents, at her birth, gave her a special gift. Her first kiss.

I am here to tell you another part of the story.

The prince and princess did not only swap their kisses on their wedding day.

When God had brought them together, they both also held one small gold box each, gifted to them by the Creator Himself. Opened many times in many ways to bring joy to those around them, this was the first time the gold boxes would actually be exchanged, although the Prince and Princess had shown it to each other often before as they grew closer in love and to their God.

On that special day, as they exchanged life-long vows, a covenant never to be broken, the Prince and the Princess took their boxes, and gave them one unto the other, then placing them together and opening them as the Sun burst out of the clouds, pouring bright sunshine down in blessing.

The gold box was a unique box indeed, for as soon as the rays of the Sun touched it, it shone so brightly that it diffused brilliant golden light to many around them. Not only that, but contained within was a small, precious, many faceted diamond. Let one ray of the Sun but touch it, and millions of rainbows would bounce and scatter to many people all around them.

United together, those boxes diffused light and rainbows in such abundance that many people gasped in awe, and turned their gazes upwards to the Sun, drawing them in, onwards, upwards.

And that is what the Son, the Creator God, designed for marriage to be - for the Prince and Princess's love, that beautiful diamond encased within the golden boxes of their hearts, to be united to scatter His light and love in such a bright glory that people would be drawn to Himself through it.

It's what I learned today - I was thinking about it on the bus ride home from work. I love bus rides...they're such thinky things if you don't end up talking to someone or reading or listening to music.
I've always kept "romantic" love as a me-and-other-person and more recently as a me-other-person-God thing.

But I'm realising God doesn't bring two loves together for each other, because that would be selfish. Sure, there's something special there for those two people alone. But if it's real love - God's love - unconditional, Heaven-sent love - it can't be contained like that. It'll spill over and affect everything and everyone around it.

And that's why Satan hates it. Hates marriage, but hates more than anything, not even that, but real love. Cause it's one of the most powerful. Most potent. Most...divine reflection in this cursed world. And...I knew it but I never knew it before.

So that's what a good marriage is. It's where you love the other person but love God more. But because you love God more, you love the other person so much that there is a diamond in a golden box...and the other person holds the diamond, and the sun strikes it and sends rainbows and golden glow over everything and everyone around.

And like a friend I was chatting with it about said, that doesn't just go for "romantic" (I hate that word :P) relationships, but for every kind of relationship.
That is why the Prince and the Princess opened their own boxes when still within their possession, to let the Sun shine in and reflect out.

"Oh, love. It's not a fight. But it's something worth fighting for."

With much thinkiness,
Mlle. Siân