Meet the Author's Author

Meet the Author's Author
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fanning the Fanaticism

What's the reason we (a lot of us) like both Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes?

-They're run by the BBC. (Which means that the production is good, not necessarily anything else.)

-Steven Moffat has a hand in both.

-Benedict Cumberbatch and David Tennant are two of the best actors I've ever seen. (Of course, Laurence Olivier will always be the love of my screen).

-They have BRILLIANT hair. Including Matt Smith on this one.

-They wear great coats. There's just something about the way the coats swirl when the actor is running or striding.

-There's a chance Benedict Cumberbatch might end up on Doctor Who.

Of course, all of this post was fuelled by three things.

-A funny post might be slightly easing after everything else posted recently.

-Doctor Who is starting again in the next few weeks.

-I watched Sherlock Holmes last night.

AND. I went online afterwards to try and find out (AGAIN) how Sherlock didn't die...and FOUND JOHN WATSON'S BLOG.

Friends of mine immediately freaked out. :P

So! I'm posting the links to John Watson's blog...
The best part of some of them is the comments. Particularly between Mrs. Hudson and the two boys.

There's even a cool spooky video of Jim Moriarty sneaking into the flat. :D

And Molly Hooper's website...which she started because she was bored...and met Jim Moriarty on there.

Of course, Connie Prince's highly ridiculous website...
Again, the best part is the message board.

And last but DEFINITELY not least -


Sherlock Holmes Websites: BBC

Enjoy! I got quite a few laughs.