Meet the Author's Author

Meet the Author's Author
Live for Jesus! That's what matters! That you see the light in me and come along! :)

Thursday, August 09, 2012

I Will Worship!

Today's praise and thankfulness list!

Tomorrow is Friday!

We get to dress down, so I can wear a t-shirt and denim. :D

I'm going out with Mom almost every Saturday to places all over Britain.

This Saturday we're going to a castle and the beach in Wales!

God put good friends in my life. :) Friends who mentor me, encourage me and try to heal my insecurity without shunning me because of it.

My new fantasy novel, which I'm intensely intrigued by (it was started by a dream as I had a nap on my desk at work).

I've just applied to a singing concert in Solihull, thanks to my sister's Auntie Chris who knows all the right places to go. :D I just have to pay and show up!

I have my 425 Squadron hoodie and my 196 Squadron t-shirt. *happy*

I'm getting better at dancing with Mr. Invisible. ;)

Work is going well at the moment and my bosses are happy with me. :)

Dreams of going for flight attendant, depending on how things work out.

Plans seem to be moving forward towards buying a home for Mom and me, God willing.

Every time I get to babysit at my sister's, I can watch Doctor Who. And every time I babysit at my brother's, I can also watch Doctor Who. ...and use the internet. :D

I'm thankful for Spotify! It has availability for wondrous musics. :D

The way that Twitter's DM system works with my mobile phone, so I can text my American friends at a normal text charge rate.

The crisis counselling course I'm hoping to take.

That I got to even APPLY for Britain's Got Talent. :)

My CI papers are through from the Squadron, so hopefully I'll be back involved with that soon.

My autobiography

My other novels :P


God's Word, and His answer to my prayer, increasing and developing my hunger and desire and interest in His Word! Praise You, Father!

The way God teaches every attribute and characteristic IF we search for HIM in EVERY circumstance and situation!

Like love! And hope! And trust! He's teaching me hope and trust at once. :D

I want to say how thankful I am for my beautiful daughters; Calleigh, Nav, Bethy, Rie (Mary Beth) and Robin. You are special, amazing, talented and through-and-through thoroughly BEAUTIFUL young women. I love you so much. :)

My amazing friends and amazing adoptive family. <3

My birth-and-blood siblings.

My amazing mother. I love you Mom. I love spending the Saturdays hanging out with you. It's so cool to be spending time in my beloved country's beloved history, with the most beloved woman in my life. ;) Don't forget that. I _love_ it.

My mentors and closest friends: Jay Lauser, Brendan Hanley, Kyle Johnston, Keifer Lucchi, William Beard, Rachel Werner, Mama Lauser, Kristin Dodd, Katie Comstock, Adrienne Niceley and Anjelica Childs.

That's a lot more than I'd normally admit to. ;) Thank you for sticking by me when I tried to kick you out, loving me unconditionally, not letting go on me even when I backed off, and - staying. Thank you so much for staying. More than I can say.

Lord God Almighty. You are _so_ good to me. <3 I love little. TEACH ME to LOVE You MORE! Ever more, ever increasing, Father, come into me, fill me and change me into Your image, depth, love and likeness! <3