Meet the Author's Author

Meet the Author's Author
Live for Jesus! That's what matters! That you see the light in me and come along! :)

Saturday, August 04, 2012

While I'm Human...

Because apparently I turn into a mind-drugged zombie for five days out of seven. Which is truth. :P


I've just finished a candlelight dinner date with my Mother. *smiles* She's an absolute genius at cooking. It was chicken and some veg in a creamy sauce with some...side dish that I've totally forgotten cause I was concentrating on the main part. :P With mango and a quarter tub of icecream for pudding. I know, right?!

After a lovely day out at Beeston Castle in Cheshire, (in my unique style of Rebelution blue t-shirt, sapphire blue skirt looped up at the sides to display my Union-Jack-cross-Stars-and-Stripes leggings, red rose earrings and purple flower), which has to be one of the largest castles in the UK, we also bought some finery (which we don't really need) which was quite enjoyable. (Charity shops are gorgeous.)

I met an enchanting little lad who loved my singing. We spent half an hour on the charity bus while Mom ran off to get some money from the cashpoint with him first running in & out, then chatting to me (I was singing Mamma Mia and he knew it), then dancing (to Dancing Queen). :D

Plus, right now, I'm feeling human. I've chatted on the OYAN chat tonight; to Caleb and Anjelica via Facebook; my daughters Bethany and Mary-Beth on Gmail and Skype; Kristin and William (video chat) via Skype; Matthew, Kiehl, Brendan and Nate via Gmail.

Also, I have a bunch of arranging for the RAFA to do this coming week with cadets and shops for the Battle of Britain collection; I'm visiting 196 Squadron Tuesday and 425 Wednesday.

I'm trying to start a new group on Facebook (Non-Courting Peoples!), get S4C (Single for Christ) up and running again, work on the Rejuvenating the RAFA blog, and keep Facebook and Twitter under control. :D

Top priorities.
Getting Mom's Twitter, getting her passport photo sorted;
Work on the Non-Courting Couples FB group and S4C, and the RAFA blog.
Critique Anjelica's, Nate's and Katie's stories.
AND writing a chapter in my autobio. >.>

And write out a family update/prayer request. :P XD


I'd best get going!

GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU - and don't forget.

You are loved.
By God and by me.

~Mademoiselle Siân