Meet the Author's Author

Meet the Author's Author
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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fallen Out Of Love

Dearest Lord,

*coughs and looks up, blinking hard* I guess this has been coming for a while. I'm listening to a song that says all You want is me. And it's true...

I've been feeling so down and depressed recently...I know You forgave me...but every time You do, even though I'm fully aware of Your forgiveness, and start smiling and singing again, I make no move to get close to You. And that's where the problem lies...if we don't move to get closer to You, we start moving backwards, because life with You can never BE at a standstill.

It's like a love relationship. It IS a love relationship. If you don't work at it, it starts to collapse.

It's not I haven't wanted's I wanted other things more than You. I was angry...and hating...and lonely...and numb...and...I'm sorry...

I need to forgive myself for what I've done...which I can't...but to forgive myself, I need to completely accept Your forgiveness and realise that is the only way I can be forgiven.

It's such a heavy weight...when you're loving for God...and getting hurt constantly...when you finally snap and hate those who have hurt one of the dearest people on earth to you, the hate is so powerful...almost as powerful as the love...but Father, You love through me. Conquer the hate.

Conquer the anger at myself for being hurt, and at others who have not lost as much as I have - but have in other ways. Everyone's hurt is equal. I learned that with C'rissie so long ago...

Conquer the loneliness. The desperate clinging and hurt when no one is there. I need to be so concentrated and centred on You, that no amount of loneliness can hurt me, that the unmet needs don't eat away, that the physical hunger is met by Your spirit...

Oh Lord. My Love. *buries face in hands*

Be what I need. Meet all my needs. Turn me towards Yourself. Make me the woman I am meant to be. That I should be. That I am not.
Change me...break me not to be terrified of the pain. I am...that is why I don't pray that prayer often as I should...why I choose to stay numb and hopeless and longing for death day after day.

People think it's sick, Lord, that I want to die...but it's a golden gateway. A gateway to...forever...with You. And You're the only worthwhile what in the world is there to live for?

But You say I need to live for You as well. And I make such a mess of that. But show to live for You. Not just that, but to LIVE You.

Thank You for the one spot of hope You've given. Thank You...for Your love being lived through that.

Change me into Your likeness, that the world may not look at me, but look at me and see You.

Conquer my desires and make my entire focus be on You and pursuing You...don't let Satan ever get hold on my greatest weakness again...and please meet that need.

Oh Father...*rocks back and forth a bit, looking upwards*

Make me fall in love with You again.

In Your Name and through Your Son I ask.

Amen <3