Meet the Author's Author

Meet the Author's Author
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Sunday, October 21, 2012

In Love With Someone I've Never Met

Now I've posted one topic on the state of my affections, ready yourselves for a barrage of day-to-day stuff I notice comparative between the love of God and this earthly, God-given affection. :D

One of my friends posted an interesting reply to my last night tweet, which was: God is so very good to me, that I'm so very in love with two wonderful guys.

He said: You can't be 'in love' with someone you've never met.

I'm guessing he meant I couldn't be in love with God.
But again, I had to chuckle, because the guy I'm in love with now, I have loved for two years. I met him last year and spent a very short period of time with him, and that has been the one and only time in our lives, in our four-and-a-half year friendship that we've met.

Oh yes, I can be in love with someone I've never met.

I spend time every day or couple of days chatting with him.
I talk about him.
I think about him.
I pray over him.
I think of him when doing something and what he'd like or he'd do.
I keep his letters with me.
I dream of the day that he'll come to visit my country.


Sound familiar? ;)

What do we do with our relationship with God? Sure, we've never met Him physically, face to face.

How do we get to know Him? How do we fall in love with Him?

We spend time with Him, daily, talking to Him like He's standing there. Prayer's not a formality, it's a communication/conversation. He's _your best Friend._

How about talking about Him? If not with those who don't know him, then with those who also do and encourage them to fall in love with Him.

Think about Him. Dwell on His goodness and faithfulness, His little love gifts which are the everyday common place blessings.

Praise Him! Tell Him how thankful you are for Who and What He is and what He has done! How do you build up the person you love? Words of affirmation! Words that show confidence in him and his decisions, that show trust in him as a man. Why do less for Almighty God? He doesn't NEED it, but He likes to hear it and it brings us closer!

When you're doing your day-to-day activities, ask yourself if it's something He would like or that He would do. Give Him the same respect you should show your lover - listen to His opinions.

And where'd you find those? In what has been called the greatest Love Letter of all time. God chose to record and share His entire history and show all of the past that He knows, good and bad - with you. He shared the greatest gift He could ever give you through that Letter - the death of Christ on the cross for your sins, and the resurrection which He conquered death with. I wish my heart gave the same thrill every time I open the Bible that it does when I open Mr. Charming's letters. I want to reread the Bible over and over with the same enjoyment that I reread every word he wrote. Take it with you wherever you go - if not physically, then in your heart. :)

And how often do we dream of the day that He'll come to take us home and we'll be with Him forever and ever?
I'll share a little secret with you.
For at least the first thousand years, I want to curl up in a ball at the Lord's feet, and wind my fingers into a corner of His robe, (hopefully He has one for that purpose ;)) and sit there staring up into His face. He doesn't have to notice me. I know He'll love me anyway.


So...yeah. Some of these I do, some of them I'm ashamed that I don't. I'm ashamed I'm scared to speak up and stand up for the One Who has done so much for me, as much as I vigorously defend my love for Mr. Charming. (Sorry, you're all going to have to put up with that name for him.) What about you?

Cause for the rest of your life, physically in love, married or single, you're going to have a Love to love. And that's a Love beyond compare.

Go and retrain yourself to fall in love with Someone you've never met. Physically. Go and meet Him in Spirit.

~In Love with Love Who is God,

Mademoiselle Siân