Meet the Author's Author

Meet the Author's Author
Live for Jesus! That's what matters! That you see the light in me and come along! :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012


I had the day off work, and a brill day yesterday.


So I'm going to tell you ALLLL about it.

I woke up at 10am. *cough*

By midday, I'd chatted three people, had two phone calls, and sorted out online banking and my bus pass ID card. I'd spoken to Mom and phoned Hollybush Garden Nurseries and attempted to purchase an indoor water fountain, thanks to a lovely lady who sent money to Mom as a get well present.

After getting dressed, I headed downtown to post a parcel to one of my friends for his upcoming birthday.

I stopped into Wilkinsons Hardware Store and bought some brown tape (because the package wasn't very secure), a military man figure with removeable helmet, gun, binocs and stuffs for Joseph's Christmas present, and a candle for Mom's.

Heading up to Tesco's, I bought three bouquets and a pair of Jeans, then took one bouquet over to the ladies in Walsall College who saved a good part of my hair the other day when it had to be cut.

Walking back through town, I was texting one of my close friends in the US through Twitter's Direct Messaging system (I LOVE THAT THING), and looked at the clock. I had to be home for 2 as the workman was coming between 2-4 to fix the washing machine. It was 13:58.

Oh well, I thought, and veered off into Argos, where I'd seen a £24.99 wedding ring for sale months before.
I programmmed the number into the checking machine, and it said "Please go and purchase at the Jewellery Counter."
So I did... :P

She asked my ring size; I said I didn't know. She glanced at my hand, and held out a ring on a ring chain, which I tried on.
Stepping outside the back, she brought the ring back and asked if I wanted to wear it. I said yes...and haven't taken it off since. It's nice to have a ring that perfectly fits my finger instead of Just adapting rings to it.
No, I'm not married...yes, it's for protection. ;)

Even got 1-2 years insurance on it. :D

Got home and started chatting to one of my close friends cause I was all excited about my purchases, and then the workman arrived. He was a lovely chatty fellow, and we spent 20 minutes chatting while he fixed the washing machine by reprogramming the computer. He was amused by my sense of humour and said I should go on Britain's Got Talent...and then nearly had heart failure when I assured him that I was. :P

After that, I realised that - guess what? I'd failed to post the parcel. :D So I went back out...and as I shut the door behind me, I realised I'd left my keys in the back door. So I was locked out.

The question of whether to visit Mom since she had another all-day visitor became a certainty. She has the only other set of keys. :P

The bouquet which I'd also intended for my sister became Mom's as well, as I wasn't taking flowers to the hospital to explain them away, when I was going to give her flowers anyway...

Took the bus into Walsall and trotted off to the post office, sent off the parcel, and then walked up from town to the hospital.

Where I met the pleasant news and spent an hour with Mom and took photos. :P

Then I walked home...literally. The bus wasn't there and I hate waiting. Consequently, I was tired. :P

Got home, picked up the other flowers and took them around to my sister, and spent about half an hour there with my beautiful little niece.

I sat down next to Ayanna.
She picked up my hand in her two little ones and put it on her lap, then started stroking my arm.
Got to my hand and ran her tiny fingers over my rough skin.
Looked up at me and then at her mom, Samantha, and pointed back at a particularly dry patch of eczema on my wrist.
It wasn't even that visible!
Such a clever girl. Not even two yet! *is proud Auntie*

Then I walked very tired...and started cooking my tea, which had to be warmed up three times. :P Finally curled up on my bed with it, a glass of Coke and a Bakewell cake, and watched The Angels Take Manhattan.

Cleared up and tended to Sparkie and Scat and then went to bed!

THAT has been my most productive Friday in over a year.

Don't anyone dare tell me that God isn't good. *smiles quietly*

To have legs that move and eyes that see, ears that hear and hands that touch, minds that think clearly and clothes to wear, a roof over your head and money to give, and a heart to love with the love of God.

Oh, that is mercy and richness and blessings and love beyond compare. HOW GREAT THOU ART!