Meet the Author's Author

Meet the Author's Author
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Sunday, April 07, 2013

Note to My Friends

The impending cataclysm still is in my heart and mind.

The call of God in that short space of time and the unclear vision of the future to some of us.
The separation of many of us and the intense struggles that so many of God's young people are facing today - pasts created by their own mistakes and influenced by outside forces not of their doing, undergoing the after-effects of so many of these.
The young Christians of today are facing more problems than I've ever heard of any young Christian generation undergoing.

We are not a united body - many of our worst battles are fought and faced alone with long-distance prayer.

I don't believe in end-time revival but I DO believe that God is doing a work amongst the young people of this generation and that is why there are more vicious Spiritual battles than we've seen in a long while. Satan is trying to divide and pull us away, and we are pleading to become more like Christ. Tell me THAT won't induce a battle!

So many of us fall too. So many of us have sins that are the Achilles heel of our lives. We keep falling. Despairing. Repenting. Staggering up and carrying on. We're scarred. Unsure. Faltering. But one thing is sure. Almighty God has got hold of us. And a righteous man - righteous through the blood of Christ alone - falls seven times and rises again.

My personal belief is that all of this is to prepare us for the great persecution which is about to fall on the church. Call me a doomsayer - go and read the annals of the church from the past. A time of prosperity where so many are drawn to nominal Christianity and it flourishes for a while and dies when the hard times come - when the church has undergone this, it is time for a weeding process. Look at our governments; look at our laws. Look at our nations and tell the Hand of Judgement will not fall. So many are splitting doctrines - are picking holes in doctrines - are falling from the faith. God is going to do one massive purge to cleanse the church of those masquerading under His Name and teaching Jezebel's doctrine.


Serious stuff.


I wanted to say basically that I've been going through a rough time for the last two months. It's been nothing I could talk about - or can talk about - to most of you.
Suffice to say, as mentioned previously, it was to do with a relationship that I did NOT feel called by God towards and that I felt pressured into. God delivered me through a miracle, even through my Achilles heel. I only feel pity for the guy involved and beg your prayer for him.

This -and the after effects - have been the cause of a lot of things going wrong - including my intense depression spells and depressive tweets, the lack of blog posts, my even worse than usual email communication, failing to respond to chats and delays on responding to FB messages and Skype chats.

Well, the Skype chats I generally have a problem with as I'm usually running three chatting agents and forget it's there. :P

Seriously, guys, it hasn't been because I don't want to talk to you. I love your company and nothing Joys my heart more than the prayer requests (with my new notepad, it's easier to remember! :D Yay!).
When I get emotionally stressed, I shut down emotionally to cope and really talk to a very select few.

I picked up a chat the other day where a dear girl was worried because I hadn't responded to her last four messages (I hadn't seen two). And that's the main reason for this speedy little blog post. Please, feel free to start chatting again. I'm sorry if I can't bare my heart and I do beg your prayers because I know Satan is really trying to knock me out of the field and in this area, which is definitely one of my weakest, he's succeeding. And currently, it's constant.

Thanks so much and I'm sorry for all I've put you through.
Please bear with me.

Love in Christ,
Your sister (perhaps mother :P)

Mademoiselle Siân