Meet the Author's Author

Meet the Author's Author
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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Sunburn Blessing

Lying in bed wasn't the way I dreamed of celebrating.
By the way, Happy St George's Day and Happy Day of the Silence!

I hate lying in bed and as soon as I've caught a little more healing sleep I'll meander around the house and find something more proactive to do.
Of course, still giving my shoulder a chance to heal. Drinking water and rubbing cream in and taking Erythromycin and stuff.

In Bedford at Wrest Park Gardens on Saturday, wearing my new burnt orange dress at the St George's Day pageant, I got sunburned. At 12 C.

The burn made me look like a tomato initially, but I still went bowling Saturday night. By Sunday afternoon, my nose was starting to ooze stuff. And yesterday, my shoulder and nose were covered in yellow crusty stuff.
The pain was making my head swim and I was a little disorientated, so popped into the doctors on the way home from work.
The doctors said my burn is infected and was a little concerned about it entering my bloodstream, so I'm on a course of antibiotics with a recommendation of being signed off work. (Not on your life!)

With it being 12c that I burned at, first time ever, Mom and I are slightly concerned that my skin is becoming more and more fragile. Would appreciate prayers on that front.

My shoulder is practically immobile, apart from being able to bend and use my forearm to some degree.

I guess the reason I'm blogging is because I suddenly realised how little we stop to appreciate the use of our limbs until we lose them.

I can't pick things up, can't scratch my back, put my hair up, brush my hair, have to manoeuvre my head down to the plate to eat,  can't turn over in bed, wear certain clothes... all those little things we barely notice, suddenly we become most grateful for when we lose them.

And at least I'll regain my arm. Some people never will.

How much we have to be thankful for!

By the way. I can't celebrate the Day of the Silence due to my burns. But my skin is red and white. Guess I'm kinda celebrating St George's Day after all! ;)

Count your blessings,  cause God is good.
~Mademoiselle Siân