Meet the Author's Author

Meet the Author's Author
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Sunday, October 13, 2013

The American Journey - Crossing the Pond (Part 1)

So you read the prequel to my trip in "When the Skies Were Opened". If you didn't, go back and read it. ;)

I'm sitting in the airport at the moment, with 55 minutes until the gate opens, and since I've used one hour ten minutes clearing FB, I figured I'd catch you up on this.

Getting home from the wedding last night, I slept until midnight when the parents came to bed and woke me to start packing properly. By 4:15, I'd managed to pack my suitcase (shock one) and sort most of my paperwork (shock two). But I still had to wash my hair...if you know my hair you know what I mean...and wake Mom and George at 4:30.

I opted for the hair first and bounced in the Mom pounding the door at 4:55 in terror as I was drying it with a towel. (See, I'd said we had to leave at 5. :P)

Ready to go...and the butterflies started. Sorta. More like a horrible tight clenching in the pit of my stomach.

The reasons why?

On my previous flight to the USA in June, I was nearly turned back at the border due to lack of money on me (I'd forgotten I had my credit card). But God was good and the lady was in a good mood - and I passed through.
And on my previous flight - to Ireland - I missed the flight.

Consequently, I was downright scared.

Plus some other personal things happening right now, a fleece put out for the Lord and I was even more nervous, since this time is to get away from a situation and pray and seek God and I honestly am not sure where He's going to take me.

More scaredness. :P

I was rattling away to Mom all the way to the nervous I could barely eat the food I was forcing myself to swallow (as in my 28 hour day today, I will only get one meal on the planes >.> )...and reciting Scripture after Scripture on trust, waiting...patience. God promising peace, guidance, wisdom.

We reached the airport at 6, despite the near half-hour late start. Mom and George walked me into the airport, George helping with the suitcases, but the check in was actually still closed.
They then left with hugs and wishes for a good time.

As soon as they'd gone, the check in opened, and I headed over to the queue already formed. The nice security guy ripped off my previous flight tags for me...and then this lady came over, bypassing the group in front of me, and started asking me all the security questions. After that, she put a sticker on the back of my passport and the nice security guy lead me to the Premium queue. O.o
It took a while to get through.

I always quake with fear over the weight of my luggage, the weight of my carry-on, the liquids and gels thing at security, my luggage not getting to the final destination...yah. Lots of prayers going up. Fear is a horrible enemy to me. ;)

Finally it was through, and my blue suitcase disappeared with a prayer following it on the conveyor belt. I guess I'll see it in Newark, where I have to check it in again. Lord willing. :P

Then security...the fella behind the conveyor belt was nice. I've learned over the past three years that as soon as you get behind the last person in the queue, start stripping. (Not...that literally.) And keep doing it while you're moving forward. You get through quicker. Taking your laptop out while moving is a feat I still have to learn to conquer.

The red light would bleep as I went through the body scanner. *sigh* I hate being patted down. Invasion of my space. V_V Go away. XD Very thankful that ladies do it for ladies though!

The feeling of relief as soon as I'd gathered my personal belongings and settled them in their own places and was walking through the pretty duty free area - and dodging the people standing there - was very big.

So thankful I got through it safely.

You know, with all of the constant recital of Scripture and prayer against the overwhelming fear (and when I mean overwhelming...I mean overwhelming)...I was still very scared (silly as it may be) but I was focusing through that...onto the Lord. I couldn't FEEL Him as such, but I knew He was there.

Perhaps, getting through the dark situations is not just the Light coming into it and blazing the darkness away, but is also reaching out in the darkness to grasp the Hand with faith.

And the gate has opened. I'll see you guys on the other side, Lord willing.

Love you,
In Christ,