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Meet the Author's Author
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Sunday, October 06, 2013

When The Skies Were Opened

Oh my gosh. I'm actually going.

That was pretty much my reaction Wednesday night when Mom, oh so casually, directed George to also casually place an envelope containing the exact amount of money I needed to pay for my flight to America.
Of course, it shouldn't have been any more than a little nice surprise, but it was. Because all the jigsaw pieces had to fall into the right place at exactly the right time.

I think it started back at the beginning of this year/end of last year. Mom promised me that because of my helping out with some of the bills, she would gift me a trip to America when the money came through. I had two choices - the OYAN Winter Workshop, or Laura and Daniel's wedding. I chose the wedding.

Which meant that when the date was set, the money would have to be through. I plotted out the trip, and asked Mom if I could take an extra trip - yes, all okay. Then the money didn't come through. Because the solicitors had to sort it out. Etc, etc. Poor Mom, every day a Siân-who-was-trying-to-be-very-calm-and-nonchalant would ask casually, "Have the solicitors been in touch today?" And Mom, with a rather worried expression, "No, not yet." She almost felt guilty. V_V

I went into the travel agents in July/early August. The price was the usual, around £660ish. Then I went back in three weeks ago. It had shot up to £821. Calmly I phoned Mom and told her the prices (from London it was less, but London is too far). She said that it was still fine, but I drew the line and said that if the prices went up more, I wasn't going.

It seems odd to say, but after this, a kind of calm came over me. A deep-down-hard-core inside of me was convinced that I would be going. I (more surface wise) knew that if God wanted me to go, I would go, and I trusted Him with that at the same time as the other half of me was freaking out, going, "YOU'RENEVERGOINGTOGOTHEFLIGHTPRICESAREGOINGTOGOUPYOUKNOWTHISANDTHEMONEYWILLNEVERGETTHROUGHINTIME."

I still asked, nervously, but not quite as often as I had been - though I'm sure it felt the same to Mother! And then on September 29th, she said, "It should be through this week." As she'd said that the previous week, I was still thinking, "Bleh, yeahhhh, it won't."
But I went into the travel agents on Tuesday (October 1st) to check. Would you believe it? The flight had gone down to £752. BUT. Only if I flew on Saturday, October 12th - the wedding of our friends Chris and Catherine, that I'd promised to go to. It was more expensive if I flew out on the Sunday or Monday...which I could technically have done now two friends had cancelled on my visiting them.

So Felicity held the flights for me and I went home, phoning Mom on the way. Mom said that I should check the flights before I booked to see if I could go to the wedding instead of flying out at 9am on the wedding morning.
Wednesday evening, I got in from work and passed some random remark about doing something or other - and Mom commented as how that would be rather hard, since I'd be in America. I was like..."But the money hasn't come through. I'm not going to be in America." Then she got George to drop the envelope in my hands.

Considering I'd known deep-down I was going, I was dumbstruck.

George dropped a tenner in to cover the extra £2. The next morning, I was running late and he advised me to use the tenner and buy myself a train ticket, but I decided against it (just to check the prices for Sunday/Monday) and went for the bus. I should have technically missed it - but it was two minutes later than I was, and I was later than its original time.

After work on Thursday (where I spent a delightful day telling people God had provided and watching their expressions), I went to the travel agents and sat down. Felicity checked the flights and lo and behold - the ticket prices had held.
The reason they were low is partly due to the American economy drop. >.O So I asked her to check the tickets for Sunday...and it was £765. I said I'd got £760 but I could run and get the fiver - and she said that they'd sort it and not to worry!

What really struck me as to how miraculous it was were her comments.
"You're really lucky," she said. "This never happens."
I kinda laughed, a shocked-hyper-laugh.
"I was praying!"
"Well...He definitely answered you then."

Because the price had not only lowered from three weeks earlier to that Tuesday, the price of flights on Sunday had lowered SINCE TUESDAY.

So yeah. I'm still kinda walking around in a daze, packing both for moving home and flying out to the States again...for the second time this year...a miracle I was hoping for but failing to expect.

There are still a lot of details - and important ones - that I need to work out. But I know I will walk through them one way or another and that the Lord won't fail me even now.

And oh my gosh I'm going. Like. This time next week, I'll be over the Atlantic. Again.

God is so good.

And thank you to all of you praying for me to go. I know a lot of you were, and I don't think I'd be going if you hadn't been. <3 I'll take you all with me in my heart. <3

In Christ,
~Mademoiselle Siân~