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Meet the Author's Author
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Thursday, January 09, 2014

Losing God

I took a break from packing the house at Snapdragon and did this as a verbal post. on the blue words below to hear it, but it's handwritten out as well. ;)

Losing God:

I said to my ex-best friend recently that material things last longer than people.

As I've been packing up stuff from my room as we move house, I've found that's quite true. You know, finding things like notes from my first (and also ex) best friend, things from people who have passed on, and, in a sense, it's just strange...

I'm sitting here throwing things out that have memories attached - not everything, but. Yah.
And, material things do last longer than people, but in the end, even material things go. I've lost my home, I've lost my family to some degree, and now I'm losing material things and ties that have been with me all my life, that remind me of people that I've lost.

In a sense, it's almost like God's trying to..wean me away from things. Now, I don't know why, but...
It's just that you can lose so much in a lifetime, because everything here is mortal, disintegrates, gets torn up or dies, but you don't lose God. No matter what else you lose, you can't lose God - and He doesn't lose you, because He's promised never to leave us or forsake us. He always sees us, wherever we are. He knows where we are, He knows every intimate detail about us, more than anyone else knows - more than even we ourselves know. And He's always there, no matter where you go.

If my house burned down tonight and my family died, and I had to beg in the streets, God would still be with me. And that's a really comforting thought, to know that there's one stable thing in this world.

No matter who you lose, no matter what you lose, there's one stable thing in this world that's never going to pass away.

I'm very thankful for the things God has left me. I still have my mom, I still see my brother. I still have material things around me, and God's been very good to me that way. It's just that watching these things go, reminds me that only He, at the end of the day, will be left.
When I pass from this world to the next world, which will happen, the one thing that I have stable in this world is still going to be with me in the next, and that's a real comfort.
No matter the ties I form down here, the strongest tie of all needs to be with God, because He's going to be with me forever, and I'm going to be with Him.

And that's where our focus needs to be.