Meet the Author's Author

Meet the Author's Author
Live for Jesus! That's what matters! That you see the light in me and come along! :)

Monday, May 05, 2014

Bank Holiday Monday

MP3 player.

Yep, about to do something I haven't done in years, since I started to go for runs with Gemma as a prelude to training for the RAF. (I never did train.)
Go for a quick jog around the block, down the lane, shortcut across the fields, down the road, right wheel down another road and then back to the house.

Started playing Battle Scars and fast paced down the road. I have psychological problems with running in front of visible people (got teased about running when I was about 6/7) so waited til I'd got a bit down the country path past the people before I began to run.

I had a few issues. :P Not the least of which was, of course, being a lot out of condition.

The problem, ignoring the breathing and the body heat, was the muscle pain. A lot of muscle pain. Which would normally involve limping and favouring my game leg.

Buuuut...what was the point in running for three minutes and then giving up? Maybe I couldn't run, (the lightheadness :P ) but I could fastpace.

Which I did.

I have to admit, the physical pain was good...not because I like hurting, but because I know it's going to stretch and grow my muscles. Plus. It was one over on the emotional pain.

And the exercise always makes my brain think that much faster, process that much quicker, be more creative.

Sound like anything else? :P

So yeah, fast pace around the rest of the field, onto the road headed towards home.

I watched a guy coming towards me with a full bag (like, a postal bag) of garden stuff in his arms. He looked at the steep grassy incline going up to his house, and then gave a glance at the road going around it, which was far less steep.
The steep part was the shortcut.
He chose it, and struggled up the incline, barely able to see where he was going, to his house.

Bit like life...
We carry a full bag of stuff - it's called life.
We have a choice to reach Heaven - we can take the easy smooth road and reach Heaven and sanctification there, or we can go up the steep incline with stretched muscles and struggling to see - make the choice to become like Jesus down here, no matter how hard it is.

Some of us already have the hard road. The question for us is whether we're going to ditch the opportunity to grow because we want the easy road and the easy way out, or whether we're going to fight through and grow towards Him.

Stretched muscles for me. He's worth every minute of growth, so I can become like Him and help others to see Him.

Five rounds of Battle Scars later, I wheel round the corner of the house, fishing the keys out of my pocket and open the door, fast pace to my laptop.

Plaits disheveled.
Body sticky.
Face flushed like it's been sunburned.
Muscles twanging.
Hands shaking with adrenaline.

Sit down, begin to type.

Don't. Stop. March. On.

Oh, and it's clearing my lungs. :P

In Him,