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Meet the Author's Author
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Thursday, August 28, 2014

How to Start a Guy-Girl Friendship

I figured a lot of you could probably do with a touch of lightheartedness (with a pinch of truth) to end this week, after the hurt caused by a whole stinkin' mess of conversative Christians.

So, here is the way to start a guy-girl friendship.

Joel Parisi adopted me as his new big sister, though we're kinda more contemporaries.

A little further on into the conversation (which is part serious, part fun):

Joel: You really should get back to him. Even if you... don't feel comfortable? Skyping, just keeping up a correspondence would (I think) mean a lot to both of you.

Me: *nods* Poke me until I do? Please?

Joel: Sure.

Me: Not.

Joel: LOL yeah, I was totally going to fly over there and follow you around, poking you. :rofl:

Me: *facepalm* Joel. Srsly.

Joel: I's teasing!! Look, I'm not your usual oblivious guy.

Me: NO!
I'm shocked.

Joel: If you say something that's a bit unclear, rest assured, I've usually got it.

Me: *faints* YAYYYYYY.

Joel: Oh hush, you. *laughs* Well, except where romance is concerned. But that won't be an issue, right? *stern glance*

Me: I can't talk about romance!?

Joel: . .. now look who's playing oblivious.

Me: We can call it the r-word. It's as bad as a swear word....

Joel: *sigh* that's not what I meant, silly. I have no troubles discussing it.

Me: Alright then. Talk. ;)

Joel: I have had issues in the past where I've become close friends with a girl and she's taken it as romantic interest.
When that was not the intent.
So I've learned to 'clear the air' before starting any such friendship.

Me: Joel, if I ever thought you had a romantic interest in me, it would be loudly and exquisitely crushed before it even had chance to breathe.

Joel: O.O Wow. Okay.

Me: Men can be...okay. Until it comes to romance. No offence.

Joel: *laughs* that was abrupt. LOL

Me: Well, you wanted it that way.

Joel: *can't stop laughing* *relieved*

Me: I would actually. Really. Really. Really. Like a friendship. With a guy. Where I can be open and honest and talk and be close without him freaking out or me thinking he's taking it as romantic interest.

Joel: So that works both ways then. :)I can tell you you're very pretty.
And you won't take it as me 'hitting on you'?

Me: No.
I won't.

Joel: Good. Then you're very pretty.

Me: The last time a guy told me I was beautiful, he broke me. So.
Your mission is to make me believe in a good man who can stay a friend and a close friend without freaking out about mush.
No mush allowed.
*sticks hand out*

Joel: *shakes heartily*

Me: ...
You're supposed to shake my hand.


And the conversation continues.

But seriously.
State what you don't want in a friendship like you would in a relationship. CLEARLY. LOUDLY. AND VERY FIRMLY.
State any issues you have or might have with the friendship. CLEARLY. LOUDLY. AND VERY FIRMLY.

And then, what the heck?
THAT's the way to reduce backlash and damage.
Frankness and honesty.

Not hiding behind codes and layers of Pharisaical law.