Meet the Author's Author

Meet the Author's Author
Live for Jesus! That's what matters! That you see the light in me and come along! :)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Swiftly Fly the Years...

As 2014 approaches its final season, I realise that I have been blogging for almost five years.

I originally started this blog to talk about my adventures in the Air Cadets. Quickly, it became a place to share my thoughts and glimpses of my life, fun and laughter and occasionally tears. As my world turned upside down, it expanded to embrace a new mission - what I'd learned, how I'd grown, to reach out and try to help others to see that they are not alone.

I started OYAN around the same time that I started the Air Cadets; later on, during my backsliding period of 2010, I was convinced to join the Rebelution - as well as make friends with a guy called Jay Lauser - and I made a bunch of new friends.

Blogger was popular, and I added many of my friends as bloggers. Then Wordpress kicked in, and Blogger was past top-dog. One or two moved to Tumblr. Some moved to a different blogspot. Some created their own websites.

I kept them on the little list to the side of my blog, for people to go to after they'd read my blog. Didn't really want to admit that they'd gone...moved on...most not even in my life any more.

Today, I started going through the blogs. Because it does look a little ridiculous, having blog links on the side when their last post was two, three or even five years ago.

It's funny watching where people have gone. I've replaced people's blog links where I can, where I can see them still active on their new sites. Other people have been completely removed. Some of the new sites were never even started; some were excitedly begun, but no new posts since that first. Two people I've had to chase through several different sites before finding they don't even post anymore! :)

And one person I really looked up to has completely changed her viewpoint since her last post on her blog two years ago.

So it's time...and I'm nostalgically packing up the blogs...deleting the final links...letting them fade into oblivion. Old friends...married friends...grown-up friends...gone friends.
It's time.

And it's all right. :)

They'll be great, wherever they go, as long as they're continuing to pursue and follow God.

And me, still here, still doggedly posting away...well, I've new friends. My blog list's updated. Feel free to look at it. :)

Someday they'll go. And that's okay too.

After all, this is about walking with us - God and me. Everyone fades. Everyone goes. Time, circumstance or choice - it eradicates everything.
But God doesn't go. Not now, not ever.
As long as He's with me, through my life, through my blogging - that's all I need.

Goodbye and God be with you, guys. <3

In Christ,