Meet the Author's Author

Meet the Author's Author
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Friday, August 15, 2014

To Climb a Mountain

I'd love to travel around the world. To see unusual sights. To walk where history happened, see it with my own eyes, dream of what happened. I'd love to go on an adventure, have my own pilot's licence. To learn languages, to reach out to others.

And I would love to climb mountains. In my dreams, I do. Sheer drops, clear sharp air, stunning views...sunset, sunrise, physical tiredness instead of mental weariness, good times with friends...

But my body struggles with a twenty minute climb up a hill.

It requires fitness, energy, resilience to be able to climb a mountain. A lot of training. Preparation. To be able to make it from that struggling, panting walk of twenty minutes' steep slope to scaling peaks.

We face mountains in life. Rugged, stony, crooked mountains.

And we get a lot of painful training beforehand.

Never regret the pain you're going through now. You don't know what mountain it will enable you to climb in the future. Climb the hills with prayer, and God will grow you to fight the mountains.